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I've been spending the past hour enjoying my hammock, watching the clouds gently pass me by as the trees sway slowly in the wind. This is one of those rare days, where the heat is not unbearable and the humidity is not sufforcating.

My view from directly above, I love this tree it keeps me completely shaded, plus sometimes I can see squirrels in it. There are a bunch of holes in it from a wood pecker, he got my palm tree as well.

My dog also decided to hang out, although I couldn't get a good picture of his face.

It's gonna be another lazy day, I think I might head out for a walk in an hour or so. Perhaps I'll grab some more pictures. It was pretty nice, laying back and listening to cold play on pandora, while browsing the web on my phone, watching the clouds pass me by, as well as watch the birds flying around the trees.