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Why you should push your boundaries

Back in the days of my painfully anxiety-ridden life, merely talking to- for instance- someone at a drive-thru freaked me out. At that time I had minimal confidence in my social ability and avoided socializing.
Just today, though, I realized just how much has changed. I was able to talk to someone at the drive-thru window of a pharmacy without discomfort - as if they were a friend.
What happened? I made the decision at some point a while back to begin confronting my fears. I'll admit that I had thought putting myself in uncomfortable situations wouldn't aid my crippling social anxiety, and that it was simply something that I would have to live with for the rest of my mortal life.
That wasn't true.
Confidence is a powerful thing. But It's not always inherent. You can become confident if you work at it. Simply pushing your boundaries, regardless of how little you push them, and proving to yourself that you could do something is honestly gratifying.
Here's an analogy: When you were learning how to ride a bike or drive a car, you were afraid at first, right? But then you gradually learned how to do those things. You probably didn't just hop on and make one big leap of effort, but instead took small steps in learning how to accomplish certain tasks. You likely considered the horrible things that could happen while driving a car or riding a bike, such as getting in an accident or falling of your bike - but once you learned how to ride or drive, those things no longer phased you. You realized that you could handle riding or driving, and became comfortable while doing it.
It's no different with overcoming anxiety. You can rid yourself of it by building your confidence. Start off with doing tiny things that provoke your anxiety and build up from there.
Being confident can mean the difference between living a life of strife and a life of ease.

Thank you dear God for putting me on this earth,
I feel very privileged, in debt for my thirst.
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Very true and congrats We should start with small things and work our way up as we become comfortable. I think confidence kind of sneaks up on you without knowing it. One day you realise you just did something that you could never have done before, and the feeling stays with you as you keep pushing your limits.

One thing I would like to add that helps me is this. Treat yourself as you would someone you love and care about. You want the best for them, so want the best for you as well.
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