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When it first hits you.

Imagine waking up one day and realizing you have 0 friends. Only associates to this point in your life and CURRENTLY. By friend I mean someone you share a human emotional bond with. So by that standard:....you have no family bonds either. You only deal because of title. Then imagine further that all this tragic reality is at least half your fault; because you have a condition that has altered you being you since high school or before. While everyone else seemed to have landed on planet earth, surveyed its surroundings and inhabitants..become COMFORTABLE in relating to all the above...you somehow, through no fault of your own, haven’t touched ground and seem to hover aboard it, yet view yourself below it. Do anybody know what I’m talkin bout here!?...can I get a Amen!?..I’m posting this hnder “triumphs over social anxiety” intentionally although it haven’t arrived. I’m convinced.,,and praying, I will come back to this forum with a dynamic testimony and hopefully some advice for my fellow sufferers!!...I refuse to believe that God chose to keep all this potential bottled up. Atheist sufferers believe that too!..ill be back
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