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went to a vegan festival

On saturday I went to a vegan festival held in Birmingham (UK) It was the first time anything like this has happened round my area. I was anxious the day befor i had a head ache and i felt a bit on sick. But I decided to go anyway as it is not very often I get to meet or be with other vegans and it went really well These are some of the things I did:-

1 I had to go into a shop to ask directions to the place were the festival was.
2 A man in the shop was on his was there and offered to walk up with me and I was able to talk to him with not trouble
3 I had some thing to eat and drink while I was there
4 I spoke to some people I know
5 I went into a room to listen to some one give a talk with a lot of people all ready there.
I think the reason I did so well was that I went on my own so I could decide for myself how long I was staying and what I wanted to do without feeling pressure from other well meaning folks. Also it was so nice to be with other people who were vegan if only for a short while I am hoping there will be another one soon.
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Sounds like it went really well. Congrats.

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Glad you had a good time and didn't let social anxiety get in the way!
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- you did brilliantly!

I didn't realise you were in the UK too. *waves
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I wanna go to a vegan festival! My friend is vegan and her food taste good!
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sounds like it went really well!

wish i could've been there, it sounds fun. i'm a vegan too.
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