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walked into my university bar

well i finally built up the courage to go to a university bar. i knew some friends would be there. of course, when I got there, there were a couple, but i still felt awkward looking around for them. but i was able to go, talked to one for a bit, and then said hi to the other one. at least I finally got the balls to actually confront the situation. However, I only stayed for about 3 minutes because I didn't know how to order beer. Does anybody actually know how to do this? I don't have a loud voice and there wasn't a clear line or anything. I didn't really want to seem like a loser who didn't have a cup so I left fast. plus it seemed like my friends were kinda off in their own groups and I didn't want to disrupt that. Overall though, I managed to go there all by myself, so I'm happy!
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I would ask the bartender what they had available. Then, pick one.
I like Corona (VERY RARE occasion), but not every bar has it. You may end up with a conventional American beer, but it is better than nothing.

Good job on the attempt!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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ok tks. but is there a line or anything? the bartender was looking like he was busy doing something. how do i get his attention? also i don't really drink beer so is there anything special I should say? and is this how real bar works as well? sorry about all the questions, its just a very new situation to me.
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I've only been to a handful of bars, but lemme give this a try..

If there is no obvious line, then no . Just walk up to where he is and look at the bottles of alcohol intently. He should get the message and ask you what you'd like. Or he'll look at you. Ask for a Corona, like MM75 said. Or whatever brand is common in your country.

Bars also usually have some beers 'on tap' (they pour the beer into glasses from the taps instead of giving you a bottle) like you see in these pics:

As you can see the beer brand names/labels are facing the customer (the taps face the bartender..) so you can see what the names of the beers are. You could ask for a half a pint or full pint of these and they'll pour it into a glass. With 'on tap' beers you can also ask to sample some and they'll pour a little into a glass. But don't do this if there are a lot of people waiting to buy drinks. Don't wanna sample too many of them (like more than 3 say) or the bartender may get annoyed (unless you admit you're new to beer and he isn't busy serving other people). And don't sample them all and not buy any of them! . At least buy half a pint of the least disgusting beer .

When I finally made up my mind to go to the uni bar it was after I'd finished all 4 years of my 4 year degree, haha. I walked by myself like you, and asked for a shot of Jagermeister. And then drank it awkwardly and left.
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you basically just walk up to the bar, and to get his attention you can just look in his direction and he'll become aware of you.
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