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Tomorrow (or today, since it's past midnight. . . . .

. . . . . .I shall triumph by getting out of this little cesspool of a town and going on a 3-day vacation with my daughter (age 11) and I am SO excited. The anxiety to prepare for this small vacation has taken such a toll on me that I have almost talked myself out of going a few times. But tomorrow we leave.

Here is my current list of worries:
1) That they won't hold our hotel room like they promised, even though I have confirmed.
2) That they will jack up the price on the hotel room even though they quoted me $39.95 per night, and if they do that we won't have as much money to spend on fun things.
3) The car will break down or I'll wreck it.
4) They'll decide to close down the indoor pool that we so desperatly want to get in. (Don't ask me how I arrive at that one; I can be pretty creative in finding things to worry about).
5) That I'll feel so guilty the whole 3 days about the money I'm spending, I won't be able to enjoy myself.

Does anyone else torture his or her self this way, or is it just me?
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P.S. Oops, looks like I messed up with the bold but oh well. I'm not retyping all that. LOL
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You will have to give some of the details on this.
I know that once the reservation is made, it's done. What happened to me was when I arrived, they gave me a single room for two people (my mom and myself). I ended up going right back down tot he front desk (fancy word "concierge") and tols them that it wasn't correct. They gave me a different room for free.

The hotel pool should remain open. We only had a problem with one's heater going out once. It didn't prevent me from swimming anyway.

You'll have a good time!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
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Thanks MilleniumMan; all went well. The pool was open and the room was good.
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