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Tips for overcoming social anxiety and loneliness

I have been suffering from social anxiety disorder for a long time. Do you have any tips, suggestions how to overcome this problem? Can you recommend some activities/hobbies that would help getting friends and meeting new people ?
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interesting whiteout tumbleweed isolation feeling years ago. blank. out window, trees, yard, just me since 2001.

all that emotion's gone! best not try make connections of friends, employment. more retries futile!

SELF CONTROL! authority declaring what one cannot do or have what one can.

better passive. get out & move about. live as a ghost. privileges or rights lost really early in life. Oppressed!

Laws ever feel false? i never killed anyone. innocent. why not allowed do all the things I've done before, enjoyed and served people. this phantom, mezzanine layer in life... nothing rational or logical or real. apply - job. told u can't. U been unsuccessful. the dictator made a humungous mistake. not just once. seems their career is to destroy people.

people mot allowed meet? selling houses? estate agents. casting for movies..? how they decide? in a rut of action. no change genre or keep doing what done?

office roles. admin. anyone not employed for years, let 'em do the next one. finish one. when's the next? gaps grow like cancer?
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We hate being lonely but don't like being around people. That's quite a conundrum.

Nardil 75 mg/day (22.5 mg in the morning, 22.5 mg in the afternoon, 30 mg at night)
Seroquel 200 mg/night (100 mg to get to sleep, 100 mg in the middle of the night)
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Discord kinda helps yet I pull away from my friends alot of the time.
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Look for meetup groups in your area that interests you. Meet like minded people.
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