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Talked to my "dream woman" today.

It was a co-worker of mine who I had a crush on and asked out a couple of years ago...unfortunately she was in a relationship(which always I mean always seems to be the case with women I like) so I had to step back. I kept up infrequent communication with her via e-mail and myspace(where she continued to be in A relationship) after we parted ways to different jobs.

For better of worse I have put this girl on a pedestal as somebody that is "marriage material". I don't base that on compatibility obviously. That would be impossible to gauge since we have never spent significant time together. However her looks+personality+values fit the "prototype" wife Ideal I have in my mind. Hence the tag "dream woman".

I worked an early morning shift at my job which just happens to be across the street from where my "dream woman" is working. Since she started back there I have been trying to work up the courage to go in and say hi and I actually thought about going in this time...then I realized "hey, I look like crap today...I got these scrubby clothes on and I am a day overdue for a shave." So I decided to wait until anonther day when I was looking better. So I am walking to my truck and guess who I run into...yes..that woman!

It was a spontaneous convo and I was a little nervous but plowed through anyway. We basically just caught up on some things. But in the back of my mind I was cussing myself for not shaving. That is the least I could have done. I got up and rushed to work and the job is not a job where you have to come in looking nice. So I basically just got up and went to work...not thinking I would run into anybody. Live and Learn right?

Oh I have to figure out what my next move will be. I forgot her phone number and she got rid of her myspace. So the only time I can see her is to visit her at the pharmacy. On top of that it has to be during a slow part of the day so we can talk.

Well it's a start, now I just need to find out if she still has a boyfriend.

Chronicling my SA, and thoughts of the deep issues of life.

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Great Lincolnradiocat. The women I like are always in a relationship, or unavailable for some other reason. Good luck.
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That cool. Where do you work? Can you deliver a freeby to to speak?

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Hey Lincolnradiocat, good luck with the potential mate!

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