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Taking steps, but not sure if I'm getting anywhere...

I've been in college for nearly 4 years now, and I'm currently still at a junior status (the majority of people who started when I did are graduating this Spring). My anxiety held me way back for the first three years, but I'm starting to take small steps to fix my mistakes.
I've been living at home, but come next Fall, I'll be transferring to a school in Florida (I live in Virginia now). I've also been trying to push myself to speak up in class and make small talk with people. One of my professors did a pretty bad job masking her shock when I raised my hand and contributed to a class discussion today.
The thing is, although my family, therapist, and few other people have told me that these are pretty big steps for me, I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I'm not sure why...

Sorry for babbling.

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No need to apologize. Babbling is what this place is for.

I know what you mean. I always feel like I'm getting no where but when I look back on the last few years I've definitely made progress. It slow, but progress nonetheless.
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First of all, it's awesome that you've been doing things that make you nervous. Asking questions in class is one that still stumps me.
I've been working with exposure therapy lately, and even though it's slow going, I feel that I'm making progress. Even if it's only small steps, it will pay off in the end! Just keep working toward your goal and you will get there.

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great job! thats definitely a step ahead in the right direction. it does feel good to do that afterwards. those small steps can make a big difference!
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believe me u are doing great . slowly slowly u will overcome all these obstacles.
flush out the negative feeling if one laughs at you .
good luck friend.
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Good for you! It may not seem like much, but the more small steps you take, the more you accomplish.

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