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Successful Interview!

I had an interview today for a place on a work placement program in a different country. I have been unemployed for a few years, my SA and being introverted has always affected my confidence in applying for jobs that involve a lot of social contact.

I had prepared really well for the interview but all the same when I woke up this morning I was extremely nervous. One of the things I always worry about is if people can tell that I'm anxious, I don't mind people thinking I'm quiet. But this morning I thought to myself, wait, it's not as if I have a monitor on myself to show to everyone how high my anxiety levels are. That feeling can try to spread inside me all it wants but unless I let it take hold, people don't have a clue what I'm feeling inside. I thought of the fact that when I shake hands with the interviewer, they wouldn't know a thing about my personality, and for all they would know I could have been the most socially adept and confident person on the planet that had just walked into the room. Of course I can't change completely quite that quickly but these thoughts really calmed me down, along with the fact that I had good answers prepared and had done my research.

So...the interview went...brilliantly
I was able to talk about why I wanted the placement really easily, there were of course a few pauses where a sentence that I wanted to say didn't materialise in my mind But I actually managed to chat a bit which I find difficult with anyone, nevermind an interviewer.

In addition to the aforementioned thoughts, a thing that helped massively was that I really, really, really wanted to get this placement. I told myself I was going to get this job and my socially anxiety was not going to stop me. This made it much easier to appear confident in the interview and my confidence actually grew even more I gave easily the best interview I've ever done.

Sorry for rambling on...drum roll please.....I got the placement!!!
I had been told I'd get a call letting me know later in the day. I had gotten my hopes up very high and actually started trying to convince myself that I most likely hadn't got the placement, not productive but I figured it would lessen the disappointment if I didn't get it. When I got the call I answered it in a neutral voice, and was genuinely very surprised when she told me I got the placement. She in turn was surprised that I was surprised, I'd done far better than I'd even thought.

Anyway, just wanted to share that, I leave for it in a few weeks!

Also want to add, I'm so happy I found this forum, I love reading the success stories on here, keep up the fantastic work folks
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Congrats! That's awesome that you did so well and got the placement!

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Awesome job! I'm currently looking for work, and totally feel the "I'm hesitant to go for anything too social" or really put myself on the line, except, ironically, that's what I want deep down. This is an inspiring post, thanks for sharing.
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Big congrats
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congrats........i am also searching for a job..nd finding a job of choice is not that easy so well wishes nd gud luck with everything..take care

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Thanks for all the comments

Originally Posted by lilyamongthorns View Post
Could you tell me where you find work placement programs??
Well I was doing a course when I was offered it so I didn't apply, and I live in Ireland so I'm not sure about programs in the US, but internships would be an equivalent if you want to look up that sort of thing.
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Congrats. I recently had a successful interview too

I am a believer the the Twelve-step Program.
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