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smallest of victories

So I've finally grew the balls to book myself a doctors appointment to sort out my social anxiety after having symptoms for 7 odd years and being aware that they were symptoms of social anxiety disorder for the last 2/3 years, doesn't sound like a big deal but I guess it's a start.

The final push was having an anxiety attack whilst giving a presentation to 30-40 people at uni and completely ballsing it up, felt awful and depressed after and realised that I'm gonna have to sort this out before I ruin my life.

The appointment is tomorrow evening (still time to run away lol), planning on going in there and saying I believe i have SAD, then give some examples, can anyone give me any ideas of what to expect?
(I'm from the uk btw, not sure if the system is any different from US)
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Nice dude, keep us updated on how it goes. What are you hoping to get out of the appointment? Meds? A referral for Therapy? Both?
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Cheers mate, will do.
I'm not really sure to be honest, I think actual diagnosis will be useful so I know for sure that i'm not just a rubbish human being and there's something else there.
I don't know about therapy though, one of the reasons why I've put it off for so long is because I knew it could put me in a series of situations where I have to speak to new people and I find that really difficult even though I know they're there to help.
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Good luck, this is so amazing by the way. We're all proud and you should defiantly be!
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Meeting to talk with a mental health professional is definitely the first step in overcoming sa. I've been in therapy for a while and it definitely helps. As far as what to expect they might ask you a series of diagnostic questions to formally determine if you have sa. Then set up a treatment plan in which you tell them whether you want therapy or medication or both. And try to be completely honest about the severity of your sa. I actually spoke with 3 counselors and didn't tell them that I was struggling with anxiety before I actually told the full truth to the one I am currently seeing now.

I will not define myself by anxiety, fear, failure or the negative judgments of others.

I will have my goals, my hard work, my progress, my successes and my accomplishments define me.

How do YOU define yourself?
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Thanks everyone,
so yeah I explained to the GP that I'm quite positive I have social anxiety disorder, told her how long/the symptoms/when it's at its worst etc. She gave me a questionnaire type thing about my symptoms which I got 18/21 in, meaning that I do have social anxiety (she was really softly spoken so i didn't quite catch everything she was saying, such as what the questionnaire was). She then suggested that I receive CBT and gave me a list of a few places where I could get that, my university support service being one, she also gave me some medication after a follow up appointment a week later, Propranolol which I haven't tried out yet. I've got an appointment with the student support service on 21st April so hopefully CBT works for me, I dunno though because whenever I watch people getting therapy on tv, I always think, what a load of bull, surely that doesn't work
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I hope things get better.
Seeking help is the first step, congratulation.
I don't know if I'd have the courage to do that.

Best wishes
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