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Sign up: I will mentor 1 person to overcome their anxiety!

I'm willing to mentor 1 person to overcome your anxiety. You have to be open minded and you have to be willing to learn about Buddhism. There is no one bullet that will cure anxiety because anxiety is an emotional respond that can comes from anything.

You will learn how the mind and body works. I will also teach you how to meditate. There will be a lot of stuff about Buddhism because Buddhism is far advanced in the study of mind and morality. ( Trust me, I used to read the bible everyday for 15 minutes and was the alter boy at church)...

You just have to trust me because I know with an unstable mind, you are very judgmental about everything ( its part of the reason why you have anxiety)... There are some truth you can't really understanding using your intellect, you just have to feel it.

I used to have severe anxiety. I couldn't look at anyone in the eyes, I couldn't leave my house, panic, etc.... Trust it was like living in hell. Couldn't even go outside without feeling awful...

I can only mentor 1 person because its very hard to handle an afflicted mind. I know I been there. I used to think I know but I didn't know nothing...

First, I will teach you how to observe your emotions. You need to have some control over your emotional respond. No words or logic will work when you are anxious or panic. Than I will teach you how to live morally, how your mind and body works, etc...

This is going to be a long commitment, at least 6 months - 1 year.

Email me: [email protected] (my name is James)...

I can only accept 1 person.

Good Luck.

Social Anxiety will be defeated so God help me!
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