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Great job. Your triumph is inspirational.
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How did you find out your destiny?
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After reading this,although a bit of doubt i still feel like i'm heading down the right direction.Cheers for posting FishFillet.
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Originally Posted by Fishfillet View Post
You would wish you were me.
Anyone else catch this arrogant statement?

Anyway. I have no questions Fish. Good job. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Now get off this forum before it infects your mind.
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Really inspirational thread Fishfillet, makes a lot of sense, early today I thought of giving up and accepting a lonely existence, this motivated me to go forward.
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@Trooper Yes you can overcome it. Gradually of course.

If anyone's interested in cognitive behavioral therapy, which is basically what fishfillet did then u can click the second link in my signature... we're having a meeting tomorrow thurs

the biggest thing Fishfillet did was he became dedicated and kept getting up despite any setbacks (this is what i'm interpreting based on what he said). If you put the work and time in you can overcome SA-Disorder
Online Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBT) - Join if interested in Overcoming SA
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Originally Posted by Monroee View Post
Anyone else catch this arrogant statement?

I was afraid to bring it up

I'm truly glad he's cured but that sort of gloating is really off-putting.
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Originally Posted by Fishfillet View Post

You are paying too much attention to yourself, your words because your mind has hyped it up to the point of earth shattering importance. But there is no need to rethink this. Just be comfortable around people first. Then ask for simple things like passing a book etc.

Damn! I should have asked my friend to pass me that book.

To be serious did you read any book that have changed your state of mind? Sorry if it's been asked before.
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Good work fishfillet.

It's all pretty simple when you think about it like that, it's the hard work that's the kicker.

I'm going to keep some of this in mind tomorrow and own it, all day.

"I think the existential dilemma is: We're social animals, so we all wrestle with a sense of inadequacy. But when we realize that we're not as inadequate as we thought we were, and when we realize that everybody elese also thinks they're inadequate, then the ache goes away and the idea that we're not a person of value disappears to some extent."

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick"
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