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I knew from the title this was a troll thread
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There's a lot of testimony about this. What would be the the reason to lie? Some ploy to trick you into keeping your hands off of your junk? LOL. If you're not willing to stop pleasuring yourself to get rid of your anxiety, maybe you just don't really want to get rid of it. It's that simple.
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BS. You oversold it by a wide ****ing margin. Stopped reading like halfway through.

SW: 240.6
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Originally Posted by TicklemeRingo View Post
I'll never be able to listen to this song again without giggling like a school girl. Damn that was funny.
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I have done this. Last year there was a span where i didn't do fap for about 2 months in a row from what I recall, maybe it was almost 3 months, I can't remember exactly but I do know it was at least 2 months.

The results I got were not what I was hoping for. I was hoping I could get more attractive women in my life because pretty much all of the women I've slept with weren't exactly good looking, but not fapping did not help me get with any hot women.

It did help me try to get laid a lot more, but that didn't turn out to be a good thing. It didn't help me approach girls more in person, but instead I went on this online dating run type of thing, I was messaging 20 different women in online dating sites a day for a few weeks during this no fap thing.

I did get more dates but these women weren't really my type, as usual, which wasn't much different than before the no fap thing.

After 70 days or whatever it was I finally called it quits and just decided to go back to fapping every other day. The reason I went back was because of sexual frustration. It wasn't worth it. There were dates where I went to see a girl and when the date was over if I didn't get sex I would become frustrated. Why? Because I knew I couldn't fap, haha.

It got really bad, like torturous. I would lie in my bed at night and want to fap so bad that I would become depressed. It was when that depression kicked in every day that I had to stop the no fap thing.

It does make you more "pure." And I do agree that it makes you think more sharply and it is an excellent motivator for going out and socializing to people, not just women. The problems are it leads to even more depression, frustration and it makes you care about getting laid too much, as opposed to just wanting to go talk to people just to make friends.

I realized from the whole thing that you don't need to not fap to help you get out and socialize. It's a matter of personal desire whether you want to change or not.

Do i recommend no fapping? My answer to that is to do whatever it takes to change yourself. Don't become dependent on whether you've fapped or not today.
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Dude! I'm not reading all of that. About the vivid dreams I have not jerked off in 3 days and since day one i have been getting vivid dreams. Very enjoyable dreams were i was having fun. One was about being at a Amusement park with classmates from high school. One that i just had today but i can't remember it at all(well all i remember is being in a jungle/rain-forest). And one were i was laughing uncontrollably in my dream it felt like i was laughing for reals.

Maybe the dreams are due to being able to sleep better? But other than that I don't feel much different. I'll try to go as long as possible and see if there is any benefits to this.

*edit, well since i realized i have no life i decide to read it all. So you went from a loser to a sex god just by not jerking off? Yeah...ok.
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Paragraphs are our friends.
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Originally Posted by bluecrime View Post
So, uh, how many times have we seen a thread like this? There is NO link between masturbation and social anxiety as far as I know. Some guys are just… well, weird really?
What gives? No matter if there is no proven link between masturbation and SA, if it helps OP then I'm glad he found a way to feel better.
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I stopped fapping for one day.The next day i fapped 5 times.
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Viva La Raza!
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How many months do I need to not masturbate before I can transcend into a God like being?
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NOFAP helped me a lot. However, therapy is useless and a scam.

Zwo, Eins, Risiko
Let's get dangerous
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"NoFap for 4months SA CURED+Strange Attraction From Women?"

dude wtf sooooo much text tldr... explain the science behind it and then i'll buy it, but until then it's bs and placebo...

I could never pull off this challenge because,
I don't even fap. It faps itself.
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I did "nofap" with a friend as a contest (like Seinfeld). Honestly didn't feel anything different. Maybe because my life doesn't around revolve around masturbation like some peoples do.
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I don't want to be "that" guy who ruins your dreams; but I have a responsibility to tell you the truth.
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I'm sorry but I don't buy this. This makes no logical sense. It just doesn't.

I don't know if you're trolling or wtf the point of this thread is, but I don't buy this. Its quite hilarious actually that you took all that time to post that longass wall of text (i actually took the time to read it all) to post what is obviously a troll thread.
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I wish they made a machine that can do it to me so I dont have to use my hands anymore, a machine that actually works
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i tried it...lasted 3 days. it felt like ****ing hell, i couldent take it, everything was....hmm i cant really explain it...its like when you go with NO sleep for like 24 hours....everything feels soo weird.
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semen retention radar. HAHAHA. I'm curious about the whole hormone optimization thing. I don't know about other animals jacking it so maybe there's some truth to the idea
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