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...and for the first time, i enjoyed comfortable silence (sometimes - we still talked u know!)

we ddnt just "walk" around fenway park, we kind of broke into the stadium from an underground service passageway. We got to see the field and everything but were asked to leave by security, haha

Actually we should have seen Knocked Up at the movies but I thot it was going to be a chick flick (so wrong!) Mmm, chinese food... did i mention we talk about food a whole lot? We're also ice cream experts, apparently

2.5 months is too long - now summer's going to drag on forever!
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ah yes i forgot to tell about being inside of fenway haha. and that reminds me i need to get my daily ice cream dosage or who knows what might happen =\
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This is great! Too bad about the summer though

What is the most important thing you can be doing right now, and why aren't you doing it?
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Wow, that's so great that you guys are hanging out. I'd love to meet someone with SA. In a way, I think I would prefer it since I'd feel like we would be in the same boat when it comes to getting to know each other. I can be really intimidated with the idea of meeting someone who seemingly doesn't have any social anxiety.

I also find it interesting that you didn't really notice the other person's anxiety. I do think that this is probably true in just about any setting too (assuming you aren't having a panic attack or some other obvious visual clue).

Do you think it was easier knowing that you both faced some SA?

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yeah it was defiantly easier, i didnt feel like i "had" to talk to break the silence like i might with someone else u know? and no, i dont notice her anxiety at all in person really. i think meeting her has also made my sa in general less, and i think i am more happy now
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re: Met another SA forum member in real life!

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!...wish i could meet someone with sa
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hey that is really cool....i hope to possibly meet a few sa'ers someday.

Friends are people you can be quiet with
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Nothing is better than meeting someone who truly understand you
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I wish I could meet someone who truly understand me too.
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