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Met another girl, this time in a busy bar

I went down and hung out alone outside, just telling myself, so what if you're alone, you are a lone wolf, and a few times I said...I'm waiting for someone as far as any one knows.

Then I went inside, and right away made good prolonged eye contact with a real pretty at the bar. I "made" her look away 1st, and got her to look back type thing...yeah baby

Then I chickened out, sort of, and went back outside. And then a little later went back in and watched her for a bit, she knew I was watching her a bit, I'm sure. I determined she was actually alone, and not with the others next to her. I got a beer, and just manned up and went over and asked her if the free seat was free...and took it.

The dam music was a real killer, wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too loud. We yelled a bit, then I got her to come with me over to a quieter corner, and we more or less talked the rest of the time. And we exchanged contact info.

So that the 1st time ever I approached a hot girl in a place like that, the loud music was insane tho, I have a sore throat and headache from yelling/talking.

So anyway it was not as smooth as a less pretty girl I met last week. This new girl seems a lot shyier, which is great anyway, so am I.

But the dam music again, it interferes so much, we could not make near as much eye contact since we had to put mouth to ear type thing to hear. How stupid can bars be.....a huge reason I hate places like that.

We touched a few times, and I made a point to touch her hand a 3-4 times, and I have her perfume on me....

SA interfered more than I wanted, and heartbreak over crush girl affects my confidence too, but overall, I did things I never did +1 for me.
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Good for you man
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Wow that's bold that you just went in there and spoke with her on your own. No group, but just yourself. If you were to hold a conversation despite the music, even better. I think that's a solid victory to go home with.
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Good for you man, this is what this site's all about. I'm not really in a state where I can actually make a conversation, doesn't matter if its a girl or a guy or a dog. But when I gain my confidence back I'm sure I'll have easier conversations and start doing stuff like this.
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