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Made some friends at college

Prior to college I basically had no friends in school for about 4 years, due to a mix of anxiety and feeling like I didn't need them. I was a mute in class and avoided every type of social interaction. The usual things applied: absolutely terrified of group assignments, having anxiety attacks prior to presentations, dying inside when entering rooms when everyone's already seated, etc.
I got into a depression (that's still lasting) and had some bad moments yet I didn't (don't) want to see a therapist or let my mother know about any of this.
It had been tough but I managed to get a diploma in the end and get into college.

During the holidays prior to college I found out about this community and figured that college is a great opportunity to face my anxiety issues and to finally make some friends and talk more, since it's a fresh start.

So I did. Anxiety was very present but I forced myself to let my voice be heard during group assignments and talk to people next to me about their interests. I formed a group with two friends I made and we do practically everything together in college - sitting in class, doing assignments, eating, leaving, etc.
Atm we only talk when in college which makes it a bit hard to see them as 'real' friends but that might change with time.

It's probably not that huge of a thing for others but considering I haven't had any people to hang out with in school for many years it feels like a big improvement.

Unfortunately I do still have a bunch of other anxiety issues but at least this gave me a bit more of a positive mindset.

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Well done! You should be proud of yourself for pulling that off, even if you don't hang out with them outside the college grounds, it sure is a great start. I'm in the same boat. I'm a freshman at university and I hadn't talked to people outside my family for like six years... I was so nervous about moving out of my house in a city I knew no one, plus the fact that I would have to speak with other human beings to get various things done.
I found this community by accident and to be honest it was exactly what I needed.
With the help of this community I realized that going to university meant that I had the chance for a fresh start. It's been approximately a week since classes started and in this short time I have accomplished to initiate an awkward smalltalk with some colleagues that apparently got me into new experiences. I hanged out with them outside the university grounds and I even went to the cinema with them the day after. The best part is that we have many things in common. I wouldn't have met them if I didn't take the first step and talk to them, because even though it was awkward it paid of. I know that probably by the end of the first semester, I won't be hanging out with all of them or even any of them, but I'm willing to try and take steps away this crippling anxiety. I wish the best for you! Cheer up!
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Well done!
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Just remember to maintain that friendship. I knew roughly 10 people while I was still in college. I knew them well enough to hang out with them outside of school sometimes. Then when I left college I lost all contact with all of them. I haven't spoken to any of them since I left 5 years ago.

ayy lmao
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Congrats bro

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