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I think I'm possibly getting slightly better.

Well, I've been living with three other people in a flat for the past two months, and I'm starting to feel comfortable and friendly with them (except for one of them who's very annoying). For the first few weeks I was so uncomfortable around my flatmates, that I basically hid in my room the whole time. On more than one occasion I even used a small mirror as a periscope to shove under my door to make sure none of them were in the hallway, so that I could go to the bathroom. However, it's not like that anymore. I feel comfortable just stepping out of my room and talking to them. I can have relaxed conversations with them. We eat together, and play video games and all in all get on rather well. In fact, I now look forward to seeing my flatmates because I believe I enjoy their company !

Previous to living in the flat, I had spent a good many months in almost complete social isolation, and was feeling quite depressed and bad about myself. But, just living with these people, who are roughly my age too, has had a positive impact. I don't feel quite so sorry for myself anymore.

I'm getting out more too. I mean just going to the gym and going to class and such. Just being out and about means that I usually have to talk to people on a daily basis, like shop assistants or people asking directions, and although I'm still quite nervous about that, I feel good just not hiding away. And I must be making some progress, because ordering a Subway doesn't make me quite so nervous anymore.

So my life does indeed seem to have gotten a good deal more positive in recent weeks. I hope I can maintain that. Also, I seem to have made a couple of friends in the process. Still got a long way to go though. I'm still, relative to others, frightfully shy. And I'm still way too nervous to attempt to acquire a sexual partner of some description or other, even though I'm quite desperate for one.

Anyway, no real point to me writing this. I just thought I'd try and take the time to acknowledge that things have been brightening up a little recently.
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That's awesome! Good for you man! You're doing great!

We are the drop, the wave, and the tide.
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So there's an outside chance that you just might possibly stand at least a remote iota of in some small way, improving a tiny little?
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