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I spoke up in my tutorial (class) yesterday!

I'm so proud of myself. Whenever I usually speak up, my face tends to turn all red and I stumble over my words, but I didn't really have that happen this time. This is a 1st-year class Comparative Literature and a pretty small tutorial class (~15 people) so the TA had us go around and introduce ourselves and what program we're in and what we plan to do in university. This wasn't too bad b/c everybody was talking and the TA was really great, commenting and joking with everybody to relieve the tension around the room.

Then, the TA asked us a question and without thinking, I just spoke up and answered it. It was just a two-word answer but I actually didn't feel inhibited for once. I was so proud. This is a mostly oral class so I'm going to have my work cut out for me but I need some support guys! We're going to have to do discussions and perhaps presentations about the different literature we read in class (ie. Crime and Punishment , Faust)
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re: I spoke up in my tutorial (class) yesterday!

Congrats! Must have took a lot of courage. Keep it up and you will rack up the participation marks!
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re: I spoke up in my tutorial (class) yesterday!

Speak it like you mean it!! Good Job!
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re: I spoke up in my tutorial (class) yesterday!

Thats a great achievment. And the fact that it happened really early in the course (first class im assuming) is a great stepping stone
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Nice! That could really inspire me to do something the same with my early morning classes with my biology lecturer who asks questions all the time... and I could really outdo myself if I could just answer her question right without stuttering or sweating or shaking or feeling all that inhibited. Thanks for that motivation! Great job!

I'd like to think that in the end, it will be worthwhile.

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re: I spoke up in my tutorial (class) yesterday!

well done...its usually when we wait before speaking...thinking...balancing...even if for one second, contemplating...then we've problems...in that one damned second a thousand thoughts cross our minds...to speak or not...or...or...BS. The spontaneous comments bring out the real talents in us.
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That is great!! Keep it up!

"It is better to be envied than pitied." - Herodotus
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