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I'm ridiculously social and a lot of people are liking me.

Ridiculously social. Ridiculously social.

Simple process that ridiculously works.

All you need is paper and pen or use your own mind.

Analyze all your interactions meaning "shadow work" all of your interactions you have in your day. Learn from every interaction and turn it positive and you will no longer have negative tensions, anxieties, apprehensions, etc. towards that person(s). Repeat every single day with everyone you feel a disturbance too. Everyone.

Simple shadow work techniques:

1) Dialogue technique back and forth between self and person you interacted with.,

2) Questioning to death the ground to your disturbance.,

(both these two methods are what really therapists are trying to do to you, just try to notice what comes out of their mouth. All it is, is questioning and dialoguing with you in order for you to reinterpret your map in your head correctly. That's all they do.)


Step One: Feel the disturbance.,
Step Two: Resonate with the disturbance.
Step Three: Take the person's perspective and look back at you.

Do that everyday (shadow work) with everyone you meet and interact with, and you are going to be the most nicest and friendliest "cat" in your neighborhood, work, school, or whatnot.

I'm deadly serious.
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Re: I'm ridiculously social and a lot of people are liking me.

Very interesting. Could you give a specific example from your life?

I'm glad this is working for you!

Always happy to talk to folks!
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Re: I'm ridiculously social and a lot of people are liking me.

This sounds right. But yeah, please give an example
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