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I got a job!

Hey all
So after nearly 4 years of unemployment i finally managed to get a job. I got the janitorial position at my local church. The pay is pretty good (about 760 every 2 weeks). I make my own hours, just as long as everything gets done when expected. Which i plan to go in at like 4 am so i can be done by the time anyone else that works in the office gets there.

So all in all, i scored a great job. I have family that are on the board of trustees there so that played a big role i guess too. But nonetheless, a small victory for me.
The interview was short and easy, it felt like they already made the decision to hire me before even meeting with my new boss
I'm both excited and nervous about it. But i don't have to start until next Thursday so i have time to mentally prepare for it. I've already done my week of training with the current janitor so that's out of the way.

Anyways, im rambling. But theres my small triumph over SA. Just wanted to share. Thanks for reading!
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Congrats on the new job. Glad everything went smoothly so far and hope it stays that way for you.
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Congratulations! Though I must ask because my curiosity is getting the best of me, but, how did you get the job?
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*high five* Great job man. Sounds terrific. Hope it plays out well for you.

Though you may have to start wiping.

Not very good at this.
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Yay! That's great!
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Sounds like a great job, congratulations man

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Congrats!! Sounds great.. I wish I had your job
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Yaaaay . Congratulation's, I'm so happy for you..

With the birds I'll share this lonely view..

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Yay! Grats on the job! Sucks you are gonna get up so early though o-o

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Congrats, hope you'll like it. It's a good story for many us to read, especially for those trying improve our life somehow and even trying to get a job after a long time.
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Congratulations man! But 4AM?! So early...for me anyway.
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