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How My Shyness and Anxiety helped me change my life

Hi guys,

I'm still fairly new to the forums and wanted to share my experiences with you as I feel it would benefit someone who's currently on here for help and advice.

As you all probably have experienced, feeling socially anxious and depressed isn't easy to overcome and it took me years of pain and getting over my mental issues in order to fix it.

Looking back, I realised that what made things easier for me was the people around me who cared about my growth and wanted to see me succeed.

It made me realise why having the right peer group is so important.

I know not everyone will have the peer group I had, but knowing how important it is should help you go out and meet new people.

Generally, seek to find people who are already successful and living the type of life you want and hang around them as often as you can and provide value.

They say that you're a sum of the people you hang around with, and I totally agree.

Over the years, the more I reached out to people (even though it was hard at the time), the better my confidence grew realising that the possibility of rejection and failure wasn't a big deal.

This is something I realised when I focused on improving my social skills around the opposite sex specifically having sought out an expert in the field. Having pushed me over and over again, my anxiety diminished and I found myself comfortable and more at ease with myself, which helped all other areas of my life.

In short - The best way to get over your fears isn't to discuss it in forums. It isn't to read books about it or to listen to meditation CD's or even therapy... It's by going out every day and challenging your fears.

Everything we are are all things we give and assign to ourselves. In reality, it's all fabricated and something we have choice over.

We are in fact able to be and do anything we want. See fear as an opportunity, not as a barrier.

I've become so passionate about this now that I've actually created my own blog about it to help others take action and do the same thing I did.

Here's more info about me to help inspire you and get you started

I look forward to posting on the forums more often and having further discussions about how we can all help each other

Cheers guys,

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