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Have you been Hitting Milestones?

I think we all have to give ourselves a pat on the back or recognize that we are doing something everyday big or small to get rid of this social anxiety.

For me when people would say how r u i would usually just say good and thats it

Now i make sure i say good how r u. I know that sounds like duh ur suppose to say that but for me i would never say that back

Im going to work everyday and when we have our break i would want to go in my car but instead i push myself to sit at the tables with everyone else

For school instead of doing online I'm taking classes on campus everyday so i can get use to being around ppl and conversating

When people try to conversate with me instead of answering their questions i follow up and try to ask them questions

Im not the best at conversating but I will get there.
Im gonna be positive

I want this anxiety to be gone I'm not gonna live like this forever! I refuse!

I gotta work on saying hi to people instead of ppl saying hi to me
Thats a big one for me i dont know y but I will conquer it!

Does anybody have milestones they reached and would like to share
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Lately, when I've been going to get coffee, I go inside instead of using the drive-thru. I've made sure to maintain eye contact while I'm ordering, and then I look up again to make eye contact right after they've handed the coffee to me.

I say "thanks," but it always ends up sounding robotic and monotonous. That's something that I need to really work on. My problem with SA isn't so much that I can't go places or speak to people, it's more that I can't seem to express emotion or enthusiasm when I'm around people. I think I just really need to focus on my voice tone when I'm speaking to people. I feel like this enthusiastic, charismatic person is trapped inside of me, but he just can't get to the surface.

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think." -Horace Walpole
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