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Haircut victory

So lately I've really been wanting to get my hair cut and I hadn't been to a barber shop in probably nearly 4 years. I typically cut it myself, because I don't like going to the barber shop, it makes me nervous.

But last weekend after Thanksgiving I decided I really wanted to do it, so I faced my fears and tried a new place. I sat down to wait, but didn't realize you have to get checked in there, but they did it for me and they got me into a chair within probably 5 minutes of me walking in.

It actually went very well, and I had a picture on my phone to show how I wanted my hair, so that helped. I didn't talk much but I didn't feel uncomfortable or anything. I ended up getting a fade and when I saw all of the hair that was cut off and how different it looked I thought maybe I should have gotten something else. But it turned out that I really like it, and I think I look a lot better. It had been so long since I had really short hair, and I'm liking it. I think I might get it cut regularly for a while. I also feel more confident in public since now I have a more up to date look.

So all in all it was a win.
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Excellent ... self confidence is important and you’ve got it ! Nice !
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Nice! I usually take my mom with me to the salon because she's good at small talk. I had to go alone once this year and I made it through. I had forgotten about that until I read this. Years ago that would have caused me never ending anxiety and it wasn't that bad this time around. It's nice when you're aware of your own progress.
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I used to get incredibly self-conscious at the hairdressers - all those nice-looking girls and you're sitting there in front of the mirror. For some reason it doesn't bother me anymore - I really love it, I find it very relaxing. I went to the hairdressing school not long and they took forever - it was great, and really cheap.
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