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Found the underlying cause of my SA

Turned out to be a Milk allergy. When I don't take Milk my SA disappears completely. Once I start taking milk I get all the symptoms of SA.

I am also allergic to certain other foods like sugar and rice. I started taking traditional east Indian medicine called Ayurveda to fix it. I have been on the meds for about 7 months now which include strict dietary changes. I am on a vegeterian diet for the past 7 months. I am able to eat some sweet items now.

Btw, its awesome to have no SA ie., when I stick to a milk free diet. There are times when I crave milk, and regret it when my SA kicks in. Atleast I know now that its temporary.

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Slowly Improving :)
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Congrats. Seems liek you had it easy and you are lucky for that. MILK!?!?!? I wish for me it was soemthing like that. Anyways, get on out there and make use of your SA free lifestyle! Wishing you da best!
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Wow this is probably the craziest thing I have ever heard on this website! I wish milk was my source of SA too (unfortunately it's not). It took me years of therapy to begin to overcome it. Also, I am a vegetarian too

I am a believer the the Twelve-step Program.
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What am saying here is, take the time to rule out that food allergy is causing it.
Food is such a fundamental part of our lives. If the body has a problem digesting it then it will bound to come out in some sort of way.

I came across a similar post in some other forum like a decade back. The guy was suggesting eliminating food items one by one. I didn't take it seriously at that time, as I had made up my mind that it was something to do with my sinus.

In case one of you is interested in going about it:
Start with one simple food Item. Like say, only bread. Then every few days (say 4 days) add another item. Since the allergy effect could be slightly delayed. Keep adding one by one then keep track of changes you experience. your mood. your SA etc.I found fruits and vegetables to safe. I have also eliminated processed items out of my food.

For me, fatigue is a major part of the effect that I have with foods that I dont get along with well.
SA is the other beast. Fuzzy head was the last. With this combination it was so difficult to think in a clear manner.

please ask any more questions if you have.
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