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For anyone that feels UGLY

My looks are a constant source of social anxiety. I’m no monster, but have been called the name enough that it stuck. Today I looked in the mirror and it almost appeared that I was starting to bald, at that moment it hit me. “If you think you have issue now wait until that happens.” This thought made me stop, think, appreciate, and redirect my constant focus from what I don’t have, to what I do. I’m this case my hair. But I also have my teeth, I’m also not short, I’m also not cripple, I’m also not fat. You catch my drift?...and those things I do consider flawS all the hell I can do is work on them while ACCEPTING what I do have!!!....I’m telling you the ish had had me on a high all day!!...I don’t know how long it will last but ultimately that’s the goal we all should have. SA!! in SELF ACCEPTANCE!..this is the cure for SA!....May God bless us all on our journey to that place mentally. In Jesus name, let the church say amen!!🙂
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Originally Posted by komorikun View Post
LOL. Thats a bit rich coming from you, Kimi.

Waiting for a beam to break through here,
A chain-way vision bright and clear,
This must be it,
Longed for Bliss,
First it was so quiet and now I know I am not alone in here.

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down. I gotta keep on moovin!

If you can read this, you must look at my profile page. I like people who have attention to detail, and curiosity. Have a look, the lion's torso is on diplay :-p
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My appearance never bothered me. I'm just average like everybody else
And I love balding! Bye bye to bad hair days for me!
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As you get older... things kinda start going down hill... slowly...
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Hoping you'd come to the point that you would not care about your looks anymore, in a good way of course! Acceptance is always the first step
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