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flipped someone off

i know that's not necessarily a good thing. for the record, i don't live in a very nice town. it's full of a bunch of crackheads and pedophiles. anyways i was walking home from school and i heard what sounded like a 30 year old crackhead (she even had the "smokers voice") say "hey kid". i didn't know where it was coming from so i turned around and looked, then they said "keep walking" i know that they were doing this to mess with me or be some kind of rude piece of **** so i flipped them off. before i started zoloft i wasn't able to stick up for myself and i would have ended up crying afterwards so i think i've improved a little. i actually feel good about myself
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Good on you I wish I could give people the ol' reverse peace sign now and again.
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Yeaaah that's what I like to see... Good people sticking up for themselves.

There are many I know who are nice but they're too nice, they avoid conflict and back down. I wish they'd grow a pair because they don't deserve to be treated badly or taken advantage of. But of course that's easier said than done.

So well done on that front (:
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That's whats up! F**k a hater lol
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I always flip people the bird on the road, but to do it when you're walking is an unbelievable feat.! Good job!
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Its step forward, man. Don't worry if you cried afterwards it took courage to do that lol.

Remember not to get angry, be in control of yourself when combating people.

Conflict is always frightening, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Just never fight when there is any real danger.



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I think it's classless personally. It shouldn't be beneath anyone to simply just ignore a person. It would be less likely to incite a violent response. The last couple times I flipped a bird to a stranger ended in a fight. For somebody who doesn't like confrontation, I would advise them not to do that again. Unless you like this '30 year old crackhead' to go spider-monkey on you.. I really think you got very lucky things did not take a dangerous turn.
heck, he might be even waiting for you for next time.. Don't go rolling in the mud with the pig, you both get dirty and the pig like's it.

-As always-
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