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First night home alone.....

I came home at 2a..because I worked pretty long hours yesterday.

i was home alone and I always thought since I come from a big family Id lose my shxt being home alone..

well. I didn't... despite my parents trying to put fear and paranoia in me lol

The night was so peaceful and I don't even remember falling asleep lol.

Im just realy happy and proud of myself.

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Lucky the ghosts must have taken a night off 😉

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death
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Make sure to set traps

Boi stahp
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She didn't know that Patrick was there until the coin moved at 0:51+ -


But seriously, that is awesome.
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what do you mean your parents instilling fear into you?
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i was pretty weirded out the first time i went to bed alone in my apartment. Like i was at summer camp and out of my comfort zone, and i was the cause of everything that was happening lol

But I like it now and dont imagine going back. i could see living with a significant other though...maybe...we would need separate "hanging out" rooms to do my own thing

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A great and huge step on being completely dependent!
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