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First day at work...

On monday I started a two week training course for a customer services/sales job selling insurance over the phone. Now, having SA, this is quite a social job to go for, requiring lots of socialising and being around people, talking to people and all that. On the first day, I got to work at 9am and was told to sit in reception were 11 other new trainees were sitting. As I sat down, my first impressions were just how completely silent everyone was. Considering the nature of the job, I thought the applicants would have no trouble chatting away and breaking the ice. Anyway, we were led into the training room, a small sized room with a projector, a table and some closely spaced chairs laid out in rows. I sat down at the back along with everyone and waited. The lady who was training us began talking, trying to make us feel comfortable with small talk, yet noone "bit" so to speak, she would finish talking and nobody picked up or asked anything.

We had been sitting in there for 5 minutes in near total silence, and I found amusing the fact that I was about to break the ice with everyone. I asked a fairly straight forward question, and as I began talking, everyone turned round to see who was talking. My question was answered and again silence fell. The trainer left the room to get some papers, and I thought surely someone will start chatting. Yeah, it was me again, I said something, someone replied, I said something and convo dropped again. Then a guy sitting in the corner began talking about a bar in town and magically conversation and ice was breaking further and further. I inputted a few things, and finally our trainer came back in the room. After that, things gradually leveled out, everyone got to know each other better. Today was the end of my fourth day. So far, I have been quite outgoing and chatty doing fairly normal social things. I'll never forget how shy everyone was to be the first to speak, and how I overcame my fear and decided to lead the group at that stage. It proved to me that I can socialise in groups just like everyone else, but i have to be willing to stick my neck out at times.

The only problem I have had, and its been with me for years is being articulate, not rushing what I'm saying, applying the right inflection, tone, and body language... I botch this up more times than I get it right... I'm sure if I looked into the causes of it, I could find a way of solving the problem...
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Way to go, Triple7!

You did great! I hope that the good trend continues!

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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Thats great!
Looks like this job will go well for you and you will enjoy working with the other employees.
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