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Dealt with uncomfortable situations today at work.

Today I did a few things that I am a bit proud of given that I refused to succumb to the anxiety I felt. There were certain calls and conversations I was tempted to put off until tomorrow, with a customer as well as my boss, but I decided to push through and do those tasks in spite of my anxiety, and I pulled through just fine. Even though I was shaky and anxious up the wazoo (I mean heart palpitations galore, profuse sweating, and feeling like I was struggling to speak), I did what needed to be done. I guess that's progress?!
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I swear to you gentlemen, that to be overly conscious is a sickness, a real, thorough sickness.

- Fyodor Dostoevsky Notes From The Underground

"Its noble to be timid, illustrious to fail to act, sublime to be inept at living....

- Fernando Pessoa The Book Of Disquiet

"Praying for the wave to come now
It must be for the very last time
It's twelve o'clock till midnight
There must be someone to blame..."

-Manic Street Preachers Australia
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Well done, I wish I had the same courage. I still get into a nervous state talking to my boss after working with him for a year.
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Hi Lily, you do have courage. I read this article the day before I posted, that talked about accepting your anxiety, just being aware of it but not trying to fight it off as if you're in danger. Therefore, I had this mentality that I was just going to observe my thoughts and feelings and not resist my anxiety. It helped somewhat but I will say that I still struggle. Sometimes when I persist in spite of my anxiety with good results, it's a good feeling, but like you, I get nervous when communicating with my boss and I've been with my company for 2.5 years, so don't feel bad. I think many people get nervous when communicating with people in authoritative positions and that it's not unusual, especially when you're very much tuned in to your thoughts and feelings. I just wanted to respond to let you know you do have the courage. We all have courage. Don't let some of those pesky thoughts that pass through your mind tell you otherwise. They are just that - thoughts. The fact that you talk to your boss period demonstrates your courage. The fact that you're getting out of the house each day and working shows courage. The fact that you recognize your feelings and have come to a forum for support reveals your courage. Give yourself credit.
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pbjsamm that is amazing! I hope to achieve what you did today eventually. I just wanted to say that it took a lot of courage to do what you did today
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