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TheCookies 11-22-2019 03:49 PM

10 things I've beaten/accompolished
1. I graduated from my MBO
2. Self initative on getting internships
3. Made phone calls
4. Went to the doctor and made an appointment
5. Finding true love and maintaining a strong relationship
6. Moving to a big city (big changes)
7. Spoken in public a few times
8. Not as shy as I used to be
9. Ended a bad toxic friendship
10. Beaten depression (twice)

Yay for me :smile2:

RSxo 11-22-2019 04:47 PM

Congrats! :D

chrisinmd 12-13-2019 07:51 AM

Great job beating this things. Got a secret to your success?

JD89 01-23-2020 08:49 AM

Congratulations! Those are some huge achievements. May I ask how you ended up with a Partner? That is one of my main goals and I'm a bit lost as to how to get a GF with my anxiety hindering my self confidence.

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