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Members’ Photos And Videos Are Being Stolen And Posted Elsewhere To Mock And Shame

It has come to our attention that photos and videos that members have posted of themselves on SAS have been being saved and then posted on various other forums, usually for the purposes of mocking or shaming, including the creation of looks-rating threads.

These other forums are possibly some of the worst that exist, and the posts there are vile and obscene. Nobody from here would like for their images to be posted there. Unfortunately, this is something that has been going on for a while and has continued with the creation of a new forum.

The Member Photo Albums section of this forum is set to Members Only, and is not visible to guests, meaning that whoever has been sharing this content is a member from here.

We are currently looking into this, and have so far managed to find some SAS members on the other forums, and will be searching for more. If anyone sharing the content can be traced back to here, they may be permanently banned immediately.

This is a horrible thing for anyone to do, especially as this is a social anxiety forum.

If you would like to find or remove any/all of the photos or videos you have posted to a certain thread, you can follow these steps:

Members with less than 50 posts and have not yet gained access to the edit post function will need to contact a moderator to have their posts edited or deleted. They can be found here:

This announcement is not intended to scare anyone, however, everyone needs to be aware of the risks and possible consequences when posting photos or videos of themselves online. These things can happen anywhere, not only on this forum. It’s possible that photos posted online can be used in advertisements or on false profiles for websites most people would not wish to be found on. At least one member from here has had their photos used in an “online dating experiment.”

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact a moderator or post in this thread:

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement.

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