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This have helped me few times before going to sleep. As I was trying to fall asleep (suffering from insomnia), I've listened to this and felt better, more relaxed.
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I would like to ask if someone tried auto-hypnosis for improving their SA and if they managed to accomplish anything. If so, can he/she recommend a good site or book regarding auto-hypnosis?

Also, if i have the suspicion of a traumatic event in my childhood, what steps should i take in finding out what happened. The problem is that i don't actually know if i had a traumatic event or not. But i have MD as well, and think that it might be possible for a traumatic event to have occurred for example when i was in kindergarten. And i forgot all about it.
my grandmother told me that when i was in kindergarten i only had one friend, a girl. But at some point i had a fight with her and then remained without any friends. I wonder if that could have triggered MD.
Thank you!

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hellow people. im from peru , i ve been through social phobia since a child. my problems began when i was at school. i felt rejected i every possible way. dunno why, for me it was very difficult to start making friends. I was the rejected one always. my sel esteem was in the floor, and now still being in the floor. i always make friends with certain people, with people qho has similar problems as mine, never with popular ones. and that stills happening to me. sorry if my english is not quite understandable, im a latin gierl looking for help. i need to be a complettely social person, a new person, apparently i will be starting emdr therapy soon, with s well known psychologist in my country, i need to improvee my self esteem, my confidence,and need to heal my social phobia definitely and forever. this thing is killing me , . its probable i will receive also hypnotherapy ..... most of the cases ive read are positive about hypnotherapy experiences. i am afraid though, what if it doesnt cure me. im tired. i cant even start working cause i have so many fears surrounding my head. its a painful ****
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I've had hypnotherapy plenty of times. It helps me a lot.
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Regression work

I think most people here seem to be missing the most effective form of hypnotherapy, hypnoanalytics, or regression work. Unlike in suggestion work, hypnoanalytics seeks to find the root of a problem in the subconscious, and either resolve the trauma, or address the ongoing need. It is extremely effective, and works with complex problems.

I have seen it heal depression, scoliosis, heart problems, social anxiety, arthritis ... I could go on. I'm not talking about little stuff here, I'm talking about things that are huge, life altering problems that have held people back for a long time.

It's the big gun of Hypnotherapy, and unfortunately, a lot of people are afraid to use it, because it can't be done solo, it's harder to do, and hypnotherapists have their own fears that they have to overcome.

But it really, really, works.

One problem that you will find, is that there is no licensure for hypnotherapy, and therefore, no regulatory agency governing who is allowed to practice, so you will have to do the research yourself on who is qualified, and who isn't, and just because they have a certification, doesn't mean that they are qualified. Many spend a weekend learning, and then call themselves experts.

Another problem that you might find, is that a lot of hypnotherapists like to pad their time with less effective methods, because if you fixed every problem in one or two sessions, you wouldn't make any money. Word of mouth seems great, until you realize that most people are so attached to their problems that you could offer them free help, and they would turn it down. Even people who have had huge success rarely believe that they can get helped with other problems.

If you don't have a lot of money, you might be able to find a hypnotism meetup somewhere in your area. They aren't always the most efficient people who attend, but you can usually get some free help, and sometimes get lucky with somebody who is willing to do good quality work for free, and you can learn some hypnosis in the process.

Good Luck.
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i really want to try this out!

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I tried hypnosis when i was really little- like 7 or 8. It didn't work because i was scared to be hypnotized so i didn't allow myself to let go.
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Originally Posted by Sdistant View Post
I've had hypnotherapy plenty of times. It helps me a lot.
Hi Sdistant, how did you find the hypnotherapist? Did it take you a while to find them?
I tried to listen to hypnosis on youtube...it didnt work on me.
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Sounds like a bug bag of bologna
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Hi I'm starting hypnotherapy tomorrow to overcome my severe social phobia I was just wondering does it work?

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Originally Posted by msaliamma18 View Post
Hi I'm starting hypnotherapy tomorrow to overcome my severe social phobia I was just wondering does it work?

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I have done hypnotherapy for 9 sections. It doesn't help me. Hopefully it helps you
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Be careful with that stuff. I personally would stay far, far, away from it, just because of the possible connection to hypnosis techniques.
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Anyone had success with this? My Uncle has pretty bad SA and said it helped him in college... I've been too afraid to try it but getting to the point with not much to lose anymore.
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I read here, someone dropped out from collage couse social anxiety, when I mentioned that, it really terrifiying me, couse I am still studying in collage and I don't want get dropped out because such illness, my parents hoping me to reach graduate.
And I don't know where to have hypnotherapy or any theraphy in Indonesia particularly In malang
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You can do it using YouTube videos. I did this with pain management and a happiness one. Both worked for a while. Worth giving a go again.
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I've been seeing a Hypnotherapist with a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a doctorate in Psychology. He practices what is called "Ericksonian hypnotherapy" and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) together to try and help you reach specific goals. I am currently due for my fifth session but I am not seeing any progress. We spend the majority of the time of him talking to me, making analogies, and instructing me on how the brain works. It's difficult to get a word in edge wise and we only ever touch upon one problem once before moving on in the next session. The actual "hypnosis" if it can even be called that lasts for maybe twenty minutes tops in which I lay on a couch pretending to be asleep (or so it feels) and listen to to whatever he tells me to imagine. It does nothing to help me relax with the constantly racing thoughts. The "homework" he gives is little more than instructing me to think more positively in one way or the other which again I have been unable to accomplish because of the constant anxiety, stress, and intrusive thoughts that never stop.

I have considered stopping and trying again once I become medicated and hopefully the worst of my symptoms are subdued. I went into this hopeful and with an open mind but that didn't help much. I can see where this can help some people, but it just hasn't worked for me as much as I have wanted it to. My anxiety stemming from past trauma (which he won't acknowledge) is getting worse by the day with a certain stressor present in my life. I turn once more to traditional therapy and medication in hopes of relief.

Advice to those seeking hypnotherapy? Ask what sort of Hypnotherapy they practice and what their process is before committing. I ended up wasting $800 I can't get back.

Issues: Terrified of (ALL) change. Diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode Severe. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Possible Asperger's Syndrome.
Treatment Status: Talk Therapy since April 4th. Erickson Hypnotherapy w/ Neuro-linguistic Programming. 50mg Sertraline (Zoloft) 1x daily
Current Overall Status: Constantly anxious and sad. Very tired due to lack of stable sleep. Poor appetite. Somewhat hopeful for improvement with meds.
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