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I tried it and really did not get any benefit from it. In fact, I did not feel anything the way I had heard it described.
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How much does a session of this cost? I tried cognitive therapy for only about 2 weeks but it was too expensive to keep doing. This sounds more like what I should do because my SA didn't start until back in October from a horrible LSD trip that has still traumatized me to this day. Though I have progressed but social events/things that never used to worry me or give me anxiety constantly give me anxiety now and pretty much the only time i feel comfortable is when I am drinking/drunk or take some of my medication such as Ativan. Any details would be great.
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I had a psychologist use this on me and all it did was creep me out because he wanted me to put my leg between his legs. I ended up reporting his butt to the state for inappropriate touching (did other stuff) and showing me pictures of inappropriate things.(won't go into detail).

EMDR did nothing for me and in fact, it traumatized me even worse. I don't know if it works with SA, but it was NOT the right treatment for trauma.
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Had my first treatment today. I felt like it didn't help. Maybe it did a bit but I had to talk a bit of the past events that may have caused my SA and other mental issues. That part made me feel worse as I felt like I suffered all my life with no happiness in between.
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You can't really judge it on just on session. Try seeing what 4 does.

I've been doing EMDR for a year now.
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is there a relationship between Emdr and imagery rescripting which seems promising,
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I have tried EMDR and it was initially helpful. My therapist was trained in EMDR, where he attended sessions from Francine Shaprio's institute (the inventor of EMDR). EMDR claims to rebalance the brain for sufferers who have experienced trauma, such as PTSD. According to EMDR theory, traumas get stuck in the brain, and EMDR aids in reprocessing the trauma, so it doesn't get stuck in the brain's cognition.

From my background, I felt traumatized about my past, based on bullying and social peer pressure from fitting in. My therapist helped me re-processs my interpretation of events with EMDR, and there was a significant drop in charge around that subject area related to my anxiety, but not in my overall way in how my body handles anxiety.

So I will say EMDR did initially help, however, I will also say it never cured my anxiety disorder, since I still experience anxiety attacks that need to be regulated with medication. EMDR gave me a better understanding of why I reacted to my past, in terms of reprocessing, however it never alleviated how my brain over reacts to stress.

EMDR links a lot to trauma, where a user may assume every emotional reaction is based on some past decision, usually stemming from our childhood, which causes us to be stuck in how we interpret things. From my experience, I can buy that our behavior was influenced by our past, however EMDR seems to say the root of all our psychological problems comes from processing those traumatic decisions.

So you may feel every time you have an emotional reaction, it's based on some past trauma, and you'll have to continue to heal it. For me, this caused endless self analysis of the past, and constant eye movements to reprocess emotions, and this may never end.

EMDR helps, but for someone with an anxiety disorder, I don't recommend it as a stand-alone therapy, Likewise, don't ever think this therapy will permanently cure you from the need for medication, as relief from your anxiety disorder.

I find fault in the EMDR premise that our negative reactions can only be cured by finding the childhood decisions that led to those faulty decisions. EMDR focuses too much in past reprocessing, and for me this is just endless self analysis, which is just as faulty as Freud's inept views that our behaviors are caused by our sexual feelings toward our parental figures such as our parents, and endless talk therapy sessions are the only way to fix it. Freud's everyday psychoanalysis of laying on a couch, while a therapist just listens, are no longer practiced, due to its flaws of constant self analysis, and I feel EMDR partially has the same underlying faulty, approach as Freud.

So where I'm getting at, I'm not fond of therapies, like EMDR, that constantly push this need to "reprocess our past." If you find yourself reprocessing your past after six months, you may need to accept you have more of a brain disorder, rather than an emotional disorder. Otherwise you may be spending countless sessions in therapy, with no end in sight, since you're always stuck in how your past formed your now.

And for me, brain disorders are best managed by medication, than alternative therapies like EMDR.

So I will say EMDR is partially helpful, for someone with an anxiety disorder, but if you start going past five months with EMDR, and continue to process your past, my recommendation is to stop the EMDR therapy, because the benefits of EMDR have been fully used.
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I've been in EMDR for about a year and I think it works pretty well for me, I'm not 100% cured from past events, but it takes time and patience. EMDR has certainly helped more than the other therapies I've received.

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EMDR helped me move on from some crummy memories of the past. I used to look back at them and still feel the hurt. EMDR helped me be more enlightened and that the situations were not my fault. I no longer get upset over those memories nor do i hardly think of them at all.

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Looking for more info on EMDR

This is my first time posting so I'm not sure if I am doing this right Anyways, I've been going on counseling and was referred to do an EMDR. I don't really understand the process/treatment and was hoping someone could explain it to me better.

I've suffered from Panic Disorder and I think it has created a bit of a social anxiety disorder in myself. I get pretty nervous in certain situations, etc. However, I don't have any "trama" from my childhood. I feel I had a very normal childhood, played competitive sports, grew up in a good family setting with both parents and a brother. I know my mom has the same anxiety issues, but I wouldn't say its anywhere near PTSD. I'm just trying to understand it more and find out if this treatment has worked for others (mostly because my insurance doesn't cover all of it, and I'l like to know if It might really help)

Anyways, thanks for reading Have a good holiday!
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Originally Posted by fitz0425 View Post
This is my first time posting so I'm not sure if I am doing this right Anyways, I've been going on counseling and was referred to do an EMDR. I don't really understand the process/treatment and was hoping someone could explain it to me better.
I've tried EMDR quite a few times for general anxiety and basically what they'll do is set an EMDR light bar in front of you:

and they'll probably give you some tactile hand devices (EMDR 'tappers'):

They'll start the light bar and the light will move from side to side and you have to follow it with your eyes. The tappers will vibrate from side to side, but in the alternate direction (for example, the light is moving to the right, your tapper in the left hand will vibrate). You'll be given something to think about while you do this exercise, usually in relation to whatever you're having issues with. It may be difficult at first to concentrate on both the light and keeping your thoughts in one place.

I'll just tell you about my own experience to illustrate better. I got into a pretty bad car accident a year ago and I was terrified to drive anywhere other than my neighborhood. My therapist dragged out the EMDR equipment and told me to think about merging onto the freeway while watching the light bar/holding the tactiles. She had me rate my anxiety level after that, and it was at a 9. Then she had me look at the light bar again while thinking of the most peaceful/happy memory I could, which was holding my baby cousin for the first time. After a few rounds of alternating those two thoughts/exercises, she had my think about merging onto the freeway while simultaneously "being in the car" and thinking about holding my cousin.

In essence, EMDR is supposed to create new, positive pathways in the brain to help cope with bad memories or habits or coping skills. I wasn't deathly afraid to drive on the streets after just a session or 2, so I would say it worked that particular time. That being said, it could easily be a placebo effect. I have done EMDR in the past for other things and I haven't noticed any difference at all, it all feels rather hokey in the moment.

All in all, I personally think it's very hit and miss, but if it works for you, it works.
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Thanks for your feedback - that is actually very interesting. I think I might give it a try and see what happens. I just wasn't sure how it actually worked!
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I've had a couple of therapists try this hocus-pocus on me for severe depression. One was a psychology PhD who should have known better. EMDR is bogus nonsense. I would put it in the category of other crackpot quackeries (also called "alternative medicine") such as homeopathy, psychic healing, acupuncture, chiropractic. The therapist had me immerse myself in my worst thoughts and feelings. The "treatment" consisted of me watching him move his finger back and forth. What a load of crap. What was I thinking? I tried to go along with it mistakenly trusting that these people knew what they were doing. As with most psychiatric treatments, including a whole bunch of drugs passed off as antidepressants, efficacy relies on the placebo effect and unfortunately for me I am not sufficiently gullible to benefit from that effect.
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I agree with the above post totally.. its crap!
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EMDR and Complex PTSD

Originally Posted by Lmoon View Post
EMDR didn't really work for me. I have complex post traumatic stress stemming from childhood sexual abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse from my parents and brother. I've been in talk therapy off and on for over 20 years and have tried various different medications. Social anxiety has always been a real issue for me. I am tired of being this way. I just want to be normal.

LMoon, I also have Complex PTSD (ongoing trauma) rather than PTSD (usually a single, time limited traumatic event/situation), and did four EMDR sessions, each of which triggered a panic attack.

I must point out that I was in a bad place at the time and did not really reveal that to the T. I do think I needed other help first (change in meds, some time wuith a psychiatrist to figure out what treatment is appropriate) so I haven't written it off yet as I do hear some very positive things about it, at least for PTSD.

I've been reading some of Pete Walker's writings about Complex PTSD and one possibly major difference between it and PTSD is that we rarely have a visual component to our trauma (e.g., a soldier flashing back to a fire fight) since our trauma was ongoing. Instead we have flashbacks that are feelings based, an (often overwhleming) stream of emotions from childhood (and even from adulthood given that many of us interact with our PD FOO as adults and they can still wreck havoc and trauma).

Anyway, I plan to discuss this with my psychiatrist to see what she thinks as it would be great NOT to sit in talk therapy for years to get over the Complex PTSD. I'll post whatever I do find out here.

Hope you find what works for you!

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Thumbs up

I've found EMDR to be really helpful. It takes away the negative thoughts and replace them with good ones. Thoughts that you are ok with and that don't worry you. Gives you a new perspective on yourself. I highly recommend it.
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I'm new so idk if I'm doing this post correctly but anyway I had a great experience with EMDR. In one of my sessions towards the end I had to picture my social anxiety as another person, sort of like a bully, and basically tell them off/beat them up stuff like that. It was really helpful to separate myself from the social anxiety and it felt so freeing! It made me feel like I can take control of this idk if that makes sense but I really suggest trying EMDR !
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I've been on both sides of the picture--used EMDR work for a specific incident and got great results. I got trained--I'm a therapist--and have practiced 10-12 years using EMDR. It IS an evidence-based therapy model for trauma. However, just like any other therapeutic modality it may not be useful for everyone or a stand alone therapy. My experience treating some trauma is that EMDR works extremely well for most people and not for everyone or to different degrees for people. With underlying anxiety (biological??) EMDR may reduce the anxiety but perhaps only to a certain level. When that happens or the level goes up and down I would either recommend another approach, an added approach and/or referral for medication evaluation. For very early trauma medication may be necessary in order to do the work. In any of these cases adequate history-taking and resourcing to do any kind of therapy work is needed.
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