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I love yoga!! Been doing it for years and it helps with my back problems, anxiety, and self-esteem issues!

After overcoming social anxiety, I've come back to this forum to help others do the same!

My Social Anxiety Advice Channel Link:
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Yoga, exercise and meditation are good for living and health.
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Yoga is the real deal. No matter who you are, yoga is in my opinion is the best treatment for any type of anxiety. If you are giving an excuse not to do it like, im too busy, its for girls/ gay guys, im not flexible, you are so very very wrong! It calms and cleanses the soul. The breathing improvement is incredible and that improvement in breathing is what will help your anxiety and clear your head and bring you back to the present. I cannot meditate very well, at least not yet, and yoga sort of forces me into meditation, gets me in shape, and helps me with women. The perfect date in my mind, do yoga with a girl and then get some smoothies or food after. your mind will be at ease and it will be easier to talk to her/him and be yourself.

As for which type, there are many but choosing between hot yoga or not is important. I used to be all about hot yoga because it would physically destroy me, i would sweat out so much bad stuff and i would feel great! But to be honest, doing hot yoga on a regular basis is crazy hard and makes it easier to want to quit. Also you become so soaked and cold that it kind of takes up an entire days physical energy. I prefer warm yoga now, its like 80 in the room as opposed to 100 plus or whatever crazy temps they had me in. The benefits are much more realistic for keeping your anxiety at ease permanently. If you anxiety and you havent tried yoga, do so asap but as someone who has tried just about everything, it is the best regular treatment I have found.
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Yoga is in essence just a form of exercise but what it does differently? :

Promotes mindfulness
Promotes consciousness
Helps breathing
Helps biological postures conducive to better mood
Makes you feel spiritual

Seriously Yoga really does help especially if you have the right equipment to help with it from shops like lululemon or

Check out my site and Contact me if you want some web space to blog or share your thoughts
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