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I just recently signed up for a meditation class in Berkeley; its simply called "Mindfulness Meditation" that goes along with a book called "Catastrophe Living" by some PHd guy. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm nervous, meditation has always been extremely hard for me, but my mother signed up for it and so far, all of her headaches are dissapearing. It seems convincing, but has anyone been through a meditation class to give me a headsup of what to expect? My mom hasn't been much help on that part.
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Mindfulness Meditation has given me a sense of calm and is starting to transform the way I think. It's helped me more then anything else.

I think it's also important to read the words of dharma teachers and, once you've reached a meditative state, to contemplate the sayings.
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I don't know about other forms of meditation, but breath meditation can be very helpful. It's basically like a reset button for the mind -- you have to clear out all your thoughts. It doesn't treat SA specifically, though (also because you need to be alone in a quiet place to do this). However, it can relieve anxious thoughts by pushing them from your mind. The only problem is (especially if you're like me) that it's very difficult to stop thinking, and sometimes you just can't do it properly.

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Back again ...
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In my experience, meditation does help reduce SA. I have tried my hand at Vipassana Meditation and the times I practiced have been the one when I've been the most free of anxiety. Got out of the habit due to some problems and SA came back full force. I'm definitely trying to get back in the groove, meditation-wise, once again.

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Meditation has been the one of the best things I have ever done for myself. After only a few brief sessions, I had already noticed a significant decrease in my level of anxiety. I cannot recommend it any higher. Just do it, sit down in a quiet place, and, ...just breathe. That's all it takes. Be disciplined. Every time your mind jumps to some negative thought, just focus back on breathing. This allows you to see how these thoughts form and you can learn a lot about yourself this way. It might take a while, but trust me, it is worth it. Good luck my friends
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Originally Posted by Reflector View Post
Meditation has been the one of the best things I have ever done for myself. After only a few brief sessions, I had already noticed a significant decrease in my level of anxiety. I cannot recommend it any higher. Just do it, sit down in a quiet place, and, ...just breathe. That's all it takes. Be disciplined. Every time your mind jumps to some negative thought, just focus back on breathing. This allows you to see how these thoughts form and you can learn a lot about yourself this way. It might take a while, but trust me, it is worth it. Good luck my friends
I enjoy meditation as well. It takes so much discipline though. I started meditating about a year ago. I started strong -- meditating daily -- but slowly tapered off and now meditate a few times a month. I think that meditation is an excellent relaxation technique that, when combined with other interventions and treatments, can really help ease anxiety. It takes persistence and patience. Change is slow. A lot of times I just feel so hopeless that I want to change so badly -- and I want it NOW. Meditation doesn't work like though. I think it's important for anyone new to meditation to understand that.

Anyway, good luck!

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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by StressReduction
I guess this is sort of a second-hand experience, but I work at a psychology lab that does research on Social Anxiety Disorder, and as part of our study, we offer clinical interventions to people who suffer from social anxiety.

Through my work, I have seen people go from terrified of the smallest social interaction, like saying hi at the grocery store, to believing in themselves and giving presentations in front of groups. I know that I've learned a lot from just being a part of this, and I hope others can benefit too. That's why I wanted to share my experience.

If you or someone you know is in the San Francisco Bay area is looking for
help (specifically, free therapy), contact the CAAN lab at the Stanford Psychology Department:
650-723-5977 or email us ([email protected])

At the website you can find out more about our study:
Thanks for this one.
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Bump. I've been slowly going through this free mindfulness meditation course at the suggestion of my psych.
I'm a huge skeptic, so it's been a bit hard to get into, but a lot of it does make sense.
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Thank you so much for posting this. I am so glad that someone resonates. I love mindful meditation myself and went to one of their free classes too at ucla.
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This link refers to some new research indicating that an 8 week minfulness program changes the structure of the brain for the better.
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found this response from someone about anxiety and what helps them

"4) Another 'trick' I learned once was to name something that you are currently feeling with each of your five sense:

I see - my computer screen
I smell - the wood stove
I feel - my keyboard
I hear - my computer humming
I taste - toothpaste."
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Can someone please tell me how you meditate??
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Hi! I've been reading a lot lately about mindfulness and meditation combined, and I would like to try it myself coz I've been reading a lot of positive feedbacks about it. I'm wondering how I can start and keep on going, any tips? Thanks a lot.
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I learned transcendental meditation the other day. I practiced it for the first time the other day. I was completely submerged in thought. I went so deep that there were two times during the 20 minute session where I "came to" and realized where I was. The best part is that my anxiety completely melted away immediately after I was done. Went to a crowded movie theater that night and even though I'm completely fine with doing that I usually experience a little awkwardness. This time that didn't happen. I felt absolutely fine. I read that practicing transcendental meditation increases the production of alpha brain waves. Those who don't experience anxiety tend to have more alpha brain waves than those who do. I personally recommend this form of meditation because I've experienced it, and it may be different for you but it worked wonders for me. I can only say so much about it because it's something that has to be felt to be understood.

From what I've read all over the web, transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation and Vipassana meditation tend to have the best results on most people. Especially those who experience anxiety.
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I've been wanting to learn TM for a while now but there's no way I'd be able to afford it. However, I just started a new kind of meditation called Natural Stress Relief Meditation. It's still a little too early to tell it's effectiveness for me, but I'm really excited about it because I've felt a calm with it that I've never felt with other types of meditations. I plan on doing the twice daily meditations for at least a month to see where it leads me. NSR is supposed to be very similar to TM (and they claim it's very effective as well), except that you buy and download a manual to practice on your own. So considering how expensive TM is I decided to try this out as an alternative.
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I've been looking for a non-biased comparison of different meditation techniques for anxiety but I keep finding articles written by people who have a vested interest in pushing one type of meditation.

TM practitioners are especially bad for this. TM looks very interesting but I'd like to find one independant, unbiased study that demonstrates that TM is the best form of meditation for anxiety. After that I'd happily shell out the money for a TM course.
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I rarely do an actual meditation technique where i cross my legs in certain positions or go to groups.I try practice it in every situation, i usually just try observing my thoughts and attend to all the senses at once.You get smooth days and some days are really rough but its the only thing i've found in life thats truly been beneficial to me and i know will be worth doing for the rest of my life.
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I think practicing meditation could help quite a deal mainly because it makes you calmer and more aware of your thoughts. You know buddhist monks used to drink huge amounts of green tea so to get a relaxing effect from L-Theanine which is now a supplement to reduce anxiety used by many.

ALSO another possible category for 'other treatments' could be isolation tanks/sensory deprivation tanks/floatation tanks

It's basically a pitch dark tank that you get in that is filled with water and epsom salts so that you effortlessly float and the water is heated to the temperature of your skin so you can't feel it. The result is close to complete sensory deprivation. I've only tried it once for about 40 mins but when I came out I felt extremely relaxed and refreshed and had noticeably less anxiety. I really think this helps anxiety, unfortunately they are very expensive to buy.

On wikipedia it says studies have shown it helps anxiety if used regularly (maybe once a week)

Here's a link:

Edit; just did some one pointed concentration meditation which I found very helpful and relevant to cbt. CBT is all about attention just like meditation in one pointed concentration meditation you have to concentrate on one thing, I find white noise is great such as this video here So you concentrate on the sound of the noise and naturally your mind will wander and you will have stray thoughts. Being able to concentrate back on the white noise is imo similar to being able to stop dwelling on automatic negative anxiety conscious thoughts. Because to focus on the one thing the white noise it is not a matter of forcing the concentration but more letting the white noise overtake your mind. I think one pointed concentration over time will prove very effective for helping me not dwell on ants but rather allowing other thoughts and feelings of peace and contentment to overtake my consciousness and I plan on doing it daily even if it's only for 5-10 mins.
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Meditation is something that I have found beneficial in my life, but I haven't done it frequently enough due to my head being so full of thoughts that I can't concentrate. If I can find a method or some technology that can help me to get into that deep place every single day then I know it would work and I would be able to conquer SA once and for all!

One product that I've been interested in for a while is Holosync but I don't have the money to buy it

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Mindfulness/Meditation + ACT = the only two things that have ever really helped me. I'd recommend anyone with an anxiety disorder at least try it.
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