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Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Right for You?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is widely used to treat a number of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder (SAD). It’s a form of treatment that focuses on the sources of your anxiety, which are your thoughts. By teaching you how to first identify negative thought patterns, then how to replace them with more positive thoughts, it’s possible to stop or at least lessen worrisome thoughts so you can feel more comfortable when you’re in social situations. Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Right for You?
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CBT and "self-improvement" won't fix Social Anxiety Disorder alone.

Medication can limit symptoms, but it can be expensive, create side effects as bad or worse than the anxiety and depression, and it can take you years to find the right combinations (yes, plural) that work for specifically, if at all.

And all of that comes after the therapist/psychiatrist search/fiasco.

I think a personal padded room would be cheaper, safer, and more effective than what's mentioned in the OP.
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I have been to CBT therapists before and during the time I was going, I made huge, huge improvements Unfortunately, not having a vehicle make it difficult to get back and forth to my doctor and I eventually had to stop going. But I was doing well at the time and didn't think taking a break would be such a bad thing. For a couple years everything was fine, until these last few months my anxiety has started up again...

I am now looking into therapists more local to my area for CBT treatment, as I think I could really use it
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There are 2 problems with CBT, one is that you have to focus on what you're thinking at any given moment which takes a lot of concentration and effort. The moment you stop doing this is the moment CBT stops working for you. The other problem is that replacing negative thoughts with positive ones just leads to positive self talk "I'm so good, I can do anything, I'm better than you".
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CBT never worked for me. I tried it many times and with different therapists. I find my symptoms are just too severe and the physical symptoms come on by themselves at random times as well. Medication is the only thing that has helped.
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