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I tried acupuncture for my lumbar disc herniation (sciatica pain) that radiates from my lower back to my toes. The first time was kinda painful. The acupuncturist stuck the needles from lower back to my calf, 22 needles to be exact.

I felt like getting bitten by fire ants when the needle pierced into the skin and felt like an electric shock when the needles hit the nerve root. I was so scared of that sensation and ended up with 3 sessions before I called it quit.

Did it work? Yes, it worked to reduce the pain but it did not fix the root of the problem. It was a temporary fix. The pain came back on full force the next day.
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Just tried it today for the first time, along with massage, and I feel fantastic. So much more relaxed. Not sure if the acupuncture did anything specifically but I'll be going back for sure. I slept horribly last night with violent nightmares and a panic attack at 3 am, so we'll see how I sleep tonight
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I have gone maybe 6 times. I am much better unless I skip a week (i go each week) it has helped me sleep better and calm my mind, as well as retain urine and i had this weird heat thing in my head that if i go each week, dissipates, where regular doctors just said "well you dont have a temperature so you are fine" but it felt like i was on fire.
My acupuncturist is very soft and kind...but sometimes she tries upping the needle size and i scream in does not last but it scares me.
I am dealing with a lot of trauma though so that's not is the reason I skip weeks..its like I'm too scared, dont want to go back...but then my symptoms get worse so I do. It is covered for me herein Canada, at least for 10 sessions or something like that, after that the place charges $23 per session
Oh! all my life i didnt let myself cry due to early abuse...after about session 4 the voice that tells me if i cry i have to hurt myself went away. that's how i know it works. I have actually cried for hours. I am starting to recover from a lifetime of abuse. I love acupuncture even if it hurts.

Sure, i have SA. On top of major Deppression & Generalized Anxiety Disorder plus some other stuff

I think a lot of people with severe social anxiety end up being abstinent anyways. So if abstinence were the answer then social anxiety should be self curing disease." - istayhome
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I have wanted to get acupuncture for a long time but it can be expensive. Even if it doesn't work on a super ancient chinese knowledge level, which I don't know honestly because I won't pretend to have knowledge that I don't have, I like the idea of the needles... I gave blood recently and got a thrill from that one, so I want to see how much of a giddy rush I get from several (at minimum) needles In all seriousness though, I have been interested in the potential benefits of it.
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Lots of advantages are displayed over here... I did not know that acupuncture is the best technique to make you mentally fit and physically too.
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