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I do not recommend EFT or acupuncture for an anxiety disorder. I came to the late realization that anxiety disorders are the result of a damaged brain. EFT or accupuncture WILL NOT fix your brain. I know fro experience. Mayb it will temporarily change your energy field, but it will not fix how your brain maladaptively handles anxiety because these therapies cannot.
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Originally Posted by Focus123 View Post
I do not recommend EFT or acupuncture for an anxiety disorder. I came to the late realization that anxiety disorders are the result of a damaged brain. EFT or accupuncture WILL NOT fix your brain. I know fro experience. Mayb it will temporarily change your energy field, but it will not fix how your brain maladaptively handles anxiety because these therapies cannot.
I completely agree with this. I tried both for months and it really made no difference. Accupuncture might work for MILD anxiety, but I really can't see it working to fix an anxiety disorder. I went to an American-Chinese lady who was trained in TCM and seemed to know what she was doing, I also had a couple other TCM treatments along with the accupuncture. Everyone is different, but I would not recommend this for anyone with moderate to severe anxiety, it just isn't a strong enough treatment.

As far as EFT, I did this for a few months, and I'm really not sure if there's any truth to it. It sounds like there are people who have success with it, but I really did not get anything out of it. I wish something so simple could work.

I can't decide between morbid isolation or social repulsion.
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Anybody else tried this? I'm definitely sceptical about this.
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I guess it wont fix your anxiety but it does feel good! Professional Cupping is also quite good for your mood.
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I think acupuncture is BS. Just like homeopathy and all that other nonsense that has no evidence to back up its medical claims. Don't waste your money. (:
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I've tried acupuncture and it scared me to death every time I would go. One time, I accidentally moved my arm that the needle went deeper and I ended up with a big bruise on my arm the next morning. Sure the needles are thin but they put it in certain areas that hurt like hell like the ears or the feet.
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I do acupuncture for a "living," but I'm seriously thinking of quitting and making this my final year since it's just not financially rewarding for me and the regulations are far too strict to the point where I question whether it's really worth continuing to do. I do know that acupuncture works for relieving/paralyzing pain for certain symptoms such as back pain, stiffness, headaches and certain stomach problems because I've tried acupuncture on myself using specific corresponding meridian points for these problems. I can't say it works for anxiety or depression or mental issues though. That might require herbal medicine, but even then I doubt it's something treatable in this field because of its complexities. I don't knock anyone for not believing in acupuncture. I've had my fair share of doubts many times. It works for some people and doesn't for others. It's worth trying at least once if you're seeking alternative medical treatment, but don't keep your hopes up high.
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I have tried the cheap version and found it generally calming but non lasting.
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Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatment. Chinese medicine Fairfax VA is the best I found during my research.
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There is no evidence that acupuncture is any more effective than placebo for any condition. It is pure mythology that is based on sham science and is unable to explain its cause of effect. It's just snake oil.
HOWEVER, the therapeutic effects of being in a dark, cool room with someone's hands on your back may have relaxation/anti-anxiety properties. Don't waste your money.
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Originally Posted by Garie4Wellness View Post
Have you guys heard of Tinnutis?
Was he a contemporary of Cicero?

cheer up - God is with you
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I never knew that anxiety could be cured with acupuncture. Anyone could explain to me?
I always want to try but never get a chance to do it.
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yeah same. I heard that it's very therapeutic even though hundreds of needles are on you

But helping social anxiety? I never heard anything about that.
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ooooo I always wanted to learn that, can throw those senbon needles like shuriken xD

Love or hate me as you will, but live now and in your final breath. In time we shall meet again.
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67chevysunburn, there are actually plenty of studies proving that acupuncture works and is not just placebo. fyi, i can send you the links if you're that interested.

i'm an acupuncturist and i became one because it DID relieve my SA and erythrophobia...HOWEVER, it wasn't straight acupuncture that worked, it was a therapy called NAET. It was THE only thing that has ever worked for me naturally. So much so that I left my career in psychology and went to school to learn how to do it. I went and got my BS in Health Science and my MS in Acupuncture and i'm finishing up taking my 4th and final Board exam to be licensed. Once I am, I can then become NAET certified. NAET was NOT a permanent fix, however. It lasts a few months and then I seemed to need some maintenance treatments which was fine by me since i'd much rather get acupuncture than take medications. Unfortunately, the guy I was going to moved out of state and let me tell you, not all acupuncturists are created equal. i've seen 3 others since him and and NONE have helped. So, i've resolved to just wait to treat myself but in the mean time, i'm struggling with SA

Anyway, just wanted to add my 2 cents here. i'm not looking to sell acupuncture to any of you, just sharing my experience and passion for it.
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oh! i'd also like to add that i agree with whoever said it above that acupuncture can help with mild anxiety but honestly, I don't see it helping with severe anxiety. NAET however is pretty powerful but not all acupuncturists also practice NAET.

Anyway, I'm attempting at treating the root cause of my anxiety with acupuncture. My main problem is severe blushing (erythrophobia) and i came across a study that shows that those of us who suffer from it tend to have higher heart rates (ie, 88bpm) than those that don't when under mental stress. and i know that acupuncture DOES lower your heart rate so I'm attempting to treat myself to slow my heart rate down (my resting heart rate, without anxiety is between 82-92) with both acupuncture AND exercise. It'll take a little time and several treatments, but i'll keep you all updated if I have any success.

here's a link to the study for those interested:

I've also been eating a low glycemic diet in an attempt to stabilize my blood sugar/adrenaline and i listen to a social phobia hypnosis app every night before bed. Just throwing that out there as well.

It's only been a week and a half so I don't have much to report yet. but, i'm remaining hopeful!
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i tried years ago, acupuncture works in many problems, and it can reduce the anxiety, but only acupucture wont bring a great result
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This thread should be renamed 'Who can fall for placebo medicine the hardest'.... Do your research and save your money.
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It is helping me

I just started about 6 weeks ago and I believe it is making a great deal of difference. I do not have social anxiety however, I have anxiety and panic attacks while driving. Before I started the acupuncture, I was not able to drive out of town, only here locally where I live. I know this sounds weird but after only two treatments, I drove 45 minutes out of town through a winding road that I was not able to drive through before. The acupuncturist said it should not work this quickly so maybe it's mind over matter?? Here' what happened:

My husband and I are building a home in the mountains. We travel between our present city home to the mountains every week to work on our property. I had tried once before driving from the building site home, but I didn't get 10 minutes down the winding steep road before I had the shakes and had to turn back. One day, after two treatments with the acupuncture, we were at the building site and my husband noticed he forgot a tool he left at home. He didn't want to stop working so I said I would try driving it but for him not to expect me to be able to make it. He said, okay, and so I left. I kept expecting the shakes, the tightness in the chest, the feeling of panic... but to my utter surprise and delight, it simply did not happen. I drove all the way home, got the tool, and drove all the way back with no problems at all! I thought I was cured and couldn't figure out why it just went away. I did not even think about the acupuncture treatments, because I was told it would take a while to work.

Then I got the flu and was very sick and missed two weeks of acupuncture. I got in my car when I was over the flu and attempted to drive 45 minutes in the other direction to a mall. After only 15 minutes, the shakes came on and I had to turn back. I was so disappointed.

I started the acupuncture again because I'm over the flu and have had two treatments. Guess what. I drove to the mall the other day. It was a bit scary in this one part, but I was able to get through it. I cannot think of anything I have been doing differently except the acupuncture. So for me I'm convinced that it is working and very quickly. At least, so far, like I said I've only had 5 treatments.

This is all true, I would not lie to anyone. I know how horrible anxiety and panic feels.

Try it. It just might work for you. I am very pleased so far. The needles hurt just a teensy bit when they put them in, do not hurt at all once they are in and I only have about 15 needles inserted. It I not uncomfortable. I lay in a dark quiet room, listen to meditation music, and walk out of there feeling wonderful.

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i had a bad experience with acupuncture. i was going nowhere with CBT therapy (i had general CBT sessions at the time, no hierarchies to target specific fears), so i was desperate to try something else. my brother fared pretty well with acupuncture for treating leg pain, so i gave it a try.

i didn't know how sticking needles in me, putting hot cups on my back, and moxibustion were beneficial to my mental health. my acupuncturist even pressured me stop taking western meds and gave me this nasty bitter herbal drink instead. she wasn't one of those acupuncturists who wanted worked with western medicine--she told me that my meds were just going to give me diabetes or something. when we talked about my depression & negative thinking problems, she inquired mostly about my relationship with my mother for some reason.

i guess i was withdrawing when my anxiety reached a higher pitch and i ended up at the hospital for having trouble eating. i was confused about the differing stances my therapist, my psychiatrist, and acupuncturist had about eastern/western medicine. i felt i was being pulled in different directions.
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