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The Mindful Path Through Shyness

Steve Flowers' new book, The Mindful Path through Shyness, how mindfulness and compassion can free you from social anxiety, fear and avoidance, addresses the treatment of shyness and social anxiety using mindfulness-based practices and cognitive-behavioral interventions. Research shows that chronic shyness has core components of self-blame, private self-consciousness, shame, and resentment. These mental habits operate automatically and often unconsciously, but by bringing mindful awareness into these cognitive and emotional states, it is possible to regulate our attention and emotions. The Mindful Path Through Shyness helps readers who struggle with shyness and social anxiety begin to notice the patterns that cause them to feel isolated and take steps toward change. Readers will identify the origins of their shyness and learn how they have reinforced this behavior by avoiding social situations and dwelling on feelings of self-consciousness and shame. They then discover activities and skills drawn from mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), including mindful meditation, insight dialogue, conscious breathing, yoga, and simple exercises, that can help them overcome fears and judgments.

More info:
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Thank you so much for the recommendation of this book. I think mindfullness is a great way to go! I try practicing it a little every day and it is very effective. I will try this book, thanks.
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After reading Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, I am now totally hooked on mindfulness meditation! I am so glad to have found The Mindful Path through Shyness that I have started reading it immediately! (it's also available as an e-book). Thanks for posting it here!
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Hi guys,

Has anybody read this book? And wat do you think about it?Have you reada any other books o mindfulness that you think were better?
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I am currently reading it but only on page 60+. Its my first book on mindfulness for SA. I feel that what the book say is quite accurate such as we need to learn to accept it rather than trying to get rid of the anxiety as the more you do , the more it get worse. It also provide some practice for you to do as you read through the book and I am currently on practicing mindfulness breathing. The book also ask me to write what and how I feel while practicing mindfulness breathing onto a journal. Hope this helps as i only read abit and sorry for my bad english lol.
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