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Social Phobia: From Shyness To Stage Fright

Everyone feels shy or nervous occasionally, but for millions of Americans even signing a check or eating a sandwich in public evokes enormous anxiety, often leading these people to withdraw entirely from social contact. Long neglected by psychologists, social phobia has now been dubbed the ”disorder of the decade.” This important book, with its moving case histories, proves that this cruel condition need not doom a person to a life sentence of loneliness and despair. In his ten years of practice in anxiety disorders clinic, John R. Marshall has been a pioneer in recognizing and treating social phobia. Now he presents a vivid portrait of the disorder in all its many manifestations, from a paralyzing fear of eye contact to fear of shopping.

More info:
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Interesting read!

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by Keith
This book was a good read but not the most helpful book. It has some good stories in it and contains some really good information. It's not really a self help book though. Its worth reading If you want to know more about social anxiety and some of the treatments out there; as well as reading some stories of people coping with and overcoming this disorder.I'd recommend it but not as a first book on the topic.
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I checked out this book from my local library. It was the only thing they had on social anxiety which was sad since the section was filled with more "mainstream" disorders that people know or care about (Bipolar, Schizophrenia..). Its interesting, especially on learning how powerful a simple gaze can strike powerful emotions not only onto us as social phobes, but as human beings. But as the author of this post already said, don't waste your time trying to seek help and treatment tips. Its more of a book to relate to in my opinion.
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