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Well, I wouldn't take it any more often than is recommended on the bottle. It seemed to help me a lot if I just took one whenever I felt anxious. I never took more than 4 a day though. Depending on how much is in a capsule. Check the bottle and see.
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Has anyone ever used this during a class presentation? If so, did it work?
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No.I think it's too sedating for that. YMMV. Never used anything in my youth anyway (until I was 19 years old). Prepare yourself very good for presentations so you are not left with any surprises. Practice makes perfect
Valerian gave me some intense creepy nightmarish dreams in the past, and I could remember them too. Weirdo dreams. Now I'm trying it again and it certainly worth a try to calm your nerves. I don't have the dreams anymore. The weed made me braindead.

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I have taken the Valerian tablets which I found helped me sleep, but gave me an awful headache the next day
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Recently found valerian cold water extract powder to be much more effective, I have a bunch of empty gel caps I utilize for stuff like this...


I just try to not breathe through my nose when using. I could care less what it smells like if it does the job.
I have not had any negative experiences with it. Though I find it more helpful at night than for daytime use.
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I have some valerian extract, I don't use it much. I find it has decent sedative properties but for anxiety it wasn't too helpful.
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Taken in conjunction with GABA, "took the edge off" of the anxiety, just a little bit. Hadn't been able to remember dreams upon waking for some time before, but had some dream recall while taking valerian and GABA even if not taken immediately before bed.

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Valerian had the reverse effect on me and made me ultra wired! I've since read that Valerian can have a stimulating effect in some rare cases.
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I take valerian at night alongside melatonin to help my insomnia. It has never done anything for my anxiety, only a benzo has helped with that.
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Originally Posted by serlu91 View Post
Has anyone ever used this during a class presentation? If so, did it work?
I have tried it for class presentations and I must say that for me it didn't work one bit. I still felt on the verge of a panic attack. That's me though. I've also tried on other occasions (8 pills because my doctor said it was ok to take up to 8 of those particular pills) and still felt no difference.
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Valerian has been inconsistent for me. Sometimes it works really well and sometimes it's like I didn't even take anything
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It helped with general anxiety

I take this daily and find that it helps, the sedative qualities keep me calm but really doesn't help with SAD. It really reduced the number of panic attacks I was having daily, it also helped with the severity of them.
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I've tried a few different herbal things, and valerian is the only one that does anything. It has a definite sedative effect which helps with feelings of panic. It doesn't completely eliminate anxiety, but some days it helps a lot.

The gelatin capsules smell pretty bad, so you can't carry them around for unexpected situations.

I take 1 or 2 capsules of "Valerian Root 530 mg by Nature's Way". The recommended sleeping dose is 3 capsules. I feel like I might be developing a tolerance already, though.

There are also "Nature's Way Valerian Nighttime" tablets with lemon balm also, and they don't smell very bad.

Originally Posted by Jericho187 View Post
Just a precaution to anyone using Valerian Root. I highly advise you to get your liver enzymes checked periodically.
That would require visiting a doctor, which requires not having social anxiety.

Valerian can cause liver damage as a side effect. I took Valerian Root for over a month and I was eventually admitted to the hospital with cramping, nausea, vomiting, and jaundice. It's funny because I'm a pharmacist and I only realized that the Valerian was the cause of my symptoms when the Dr asked me what meds I'm taking.

The ER doc thought it was so bad that he reported it to the Health Canada Adverse Reaction Database. Here is the entry:

I was only taking 400 mg at bedtime and it did work for sleep, not so much for anxiety.
That link doesn't work. So you were taking 400 mg daily for a month and had that severe of a reaction? What brand? Do you have a liver disease?
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Valerian makes me feel so groggy the next day - I don't touch the stuff
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Good for elemenating fear

I have noticed this is great for eradicating fear
not sure if it is the whole substance or something in it,
also if you take to much you will be feeling like your stoned
It is a great mild benefit spread out
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Well i was angry, depressed ,and anxious all day today and i took valerian 1-2 hours ago and i just realized im kind of at peace now while watching a documentary. I cant really think angry or depressed thoughts right now even when i try. THis is noteworthy because i couldnt shake these negative thoughts earlier. I was gripped. I guess i just feel sedated. Almost reminds me of being stoned in a very, very minor way.
Oh and i love the smell of valerian its so stinky and dank. Im going to go get the bottle so i can sit here and smell it. I like the smell of weird strong odors. And tastes too. Like apple cider vinegar. Oh, thanks for reminding me im going to go take a swig. It puts hair on your chest.
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Seriously people

OK, so many of you are winning about having so much anxiety you have a hard time focusing and living a normal life. Then you whine over the smell of a product. Oh my goodness, I can see the issue of it upsetting your stomach, it upsets mine as well, so I have to take small doses. Come on people grow up a bit just because it smell bad you wont take it geeze.
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I was thinking of getting sum do they go with weed?
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Originally Posted by MrTalkAlot View Post
I was thinking of getting sum do they go with weed?
Yup, what doesnt go with weed?
Might amplify tiredness and sedation a little which may or may not be a good thing.
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good for bedtime. took it a long time ago before school due to my insecurities but didn't do much other than make me tired and act stupid so I stopped taking it. if I keep in my room it stinks up my whole room. like a sock that had a sweaty foot that smells like cheese in it and hasn't been washed for a couple months

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