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Originally Posted by Tone View Post
Studies are wrong all the time & contradict each other, & waste time with ultra weak stuff

Something that isnt ultra weak or inactive is what is need to relieve intense suffering & torture. Theres a reason why so many people report they over dose on herbs like this & still feel no effect whatsoever

this herb is inactive. Sorry to say, there are no psychoactive herbs that are readily & easily cheaply available that work.

Try something like kratom, order some, and take that, then tell me if the other things you try are active... have you ever taken something before that actually alters state of consciousness?

Ive taken 20 valerian tablets before & got no effect whatsoever. Sorry, but i just dont get people reporting that inactive stuff has an effect.
I don't know about rhodiola but some herbs need to be taken for an extended period in order to become effective. Even prescription drugs like SSRIS are supposed to be taken for months before they fully start working
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I've been taking it for a few days now. Initially I felt a little at ease but I assume that was placebo.

On day 4 currently and it doesn't seem to be doing much. I take two 340 mg tabs a day. I'll keep it up until the bottle empties.
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On it's own it didn't do anything at all for me after a few days, so i'm assuming the effect it did have the first few days was mostly placebo. However, I now take a cortisol control supplement (cortisol is a stress hormone), and it also contains this root, among other things, like ashwaganda, and this does seem to work in improving my mood. I've ever noticed a bit of a belly fat reduction along with it too.

Ear byth egle eorla gehwylcun
Dhonne faestlice flaesc onginneth

Hraw colian hrusan ceosan
blac to gebeddan bleda gedreosath
Wynna gewitath wera geswicath
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Rhodiola and Curcumin Experience

  • Rhodiola Rosea 250mg standardised root extract (2.5mg salidrozide, 7.5mg rosavins)
  • Curcumin 500mg w/ Piperine 3mg (standardised curcuminoids 475mg)

  • 2 x Rhodiola + 2 x Curcumin upon waking.
  • 1 x Curcumin every 3 hours thereafter.

  • Both supplements are reversible MAOIs (mild) with relatively short half lives.
  • Reversibility negates need for MAOI diet.
  • In theory should reduce breakdown of serotonin and noradrenaline, increasing the level of these neurotransmitters within the brain.
  • Some studies suggest long-term increase in serotonin levels within brain can lead to an increase in the number of serotonin receptors themselves - improving signalling between cells.
  • Week 1: little/no effect noticed on mood, anxiety level and mental wellbeing.
  • Week 2: subtle effects noticed; slight improvement to mood and outlook.
  • Week 3: improvement noticed; fewer negative thoughts, optimistic outlook, no longer get anxious adrenaline rush in heart, growing confidence and self esteem.
  • Week 4: continued improvement in anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects noted in week 3. A feeling of the brain being "re-wired" in a positive way.
Also noted positive effect on sleep; reduced time to fall asleep, well rested upon waking.

Negative effects:
  • Went away for a weekend after week 3 and forgot to take supplements for 3 days. On day 3, noticeable brain fog / agitation / stress / cognitive impairment - very unproductive at work.
  • These symptoms stopped within 24h after resuming dosing regiment.
  • Mild twitch of the right eyelid intermittently when taking the supplements.
  • Dry mouth / eyes noted particularly in morning and evening.

After trying about 20 different supplements for anxiety/depression, these two are the only with noticeable effects and improvement. The synergistic combination of these mild MAOIs appears to increase potency of inhibition overall. As noted above, it took about two weeks to feel effects. Overall, I'm very impressed with these supplements and will continue to use them in the long-term. The increase in neurotransmitters appear to take a while to work - perhaps as the brain "re-wires" and new pathways/receptors are created.
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About to take 1000mg of it right now.

I know not everything works for everyone, but maybe some of the people it didn't work for weren't taking a high enough dosage?
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How powerful a MAOI is Rhodiola Rosea? Would it be safe to take with a SSRI for instance?

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It's not even bioavailable, according to this discussion: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/...1#post11924833
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Originally Posted by gordonjohnson008 View Post
I'm using Rhodiola Rosea with some success so far. I'm using Oregon Wild Harvest brand in capsule form 1x a day (this is the recommended dose). I tried a different formulation in tablet form and got NOTHING out of it. But with the Oregon Wild Harvest capsules I notice subtle effects almost immediately and the effects build after I've been on it a few days.

Side effects - similar to those I've gotten from SSRIs, but milder. Mild gas and seemingly easier to get heartburn, mild insomnia, mild urinary hesitancy, mild daytime fatigue (could be because of interrupted sleep), mild dry eyes/lips. These side effects I also get with an SSRI like Paxil, and are more severe with the SSRI. No noticeable sexual side effects from R.R. at this dose. A cup or two of green tea a day wipe out the fatigue issue, and over time the insomnia has eased. The other sides may subside over time - I've been taking R.R. inconsistently for the past few months, but now plan to stay on this small dosage consistently for the next few months.

R.R. is a mild MAO inhibitor, and I've noticed it improving my mood, affecting my energy, and thwarting panic responses. I'm taking it because I don't want to be reliant on perscription medication, but do want a little boost to deal with persistant mild SA (and the gloomy Seattle Winter). I'll report back eventually...

There are other adaptogens/natural MAOIs I'm also interested in but haven't tried. Among these are ashwandaga, curcumin, etc... I have also taken Valerian root PRN before social situations - it feels like taking a benzo.
Hi can you expand on the urinary side effect of rhodiola? I have taken it (400mg)for a week and sometimes (after over 8 hours Of more) I experience this. I believe I had similar problems with a pill a psychiatrist prescribed long ago also to address anxiety.

First time I took rhodiola I felt hot and anxious - anxiety levels seem high now although I did feel relax more than usual on day 3 and 4
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I dont care what studies say. it works for me.
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Originally Posted by Ichigo91 View Post
I dont care what studies say. it works for me.
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How did you start taking it? I think the initial phase is the most important. I took it for 6 days and quit today and I think I have withdrawal effect cause I feel quite anxious. Rhodiola helped me to sleep for sure!
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cristoforo80 what is the overall feel of rhodiola? I have never taken it but as is understand it's lifting u up when tired and calmes u down when energetic. I never thought it could be used to help with an social anxiety.
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take 500mg -100mg a day of it the past 3 weeks, dont notice much of a difference really still gonna take it readed in a science paper it increased the life-span with 24% of fruity flies nice extra benefit as I guess the all the stress the anxiety causes I might compensate that with this extract
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my mother is very smart I am taking this I think to does something and I also take Ashwagandha
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can someone please tell me which brand they used, that proved to be effective? and dosage? i heard rhodiola in congunction with ashwaghanda worked well, as well as holy basil. i tried ashwaghanda alone and nothing for me. anyone else?

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I'm pretty disappointed because I know this stuff has potential I just have to find a brand that works. I came across it completely by accident in a workout supplement. Well my workout wasn't enhanced in the least bit but afterwards I noticed I had the most positive outlook and an increase in well being ALONG with the desire to socialize. I was super excited because its been awhile since I've felt so good, so when I got back home I scanned the ingredient list and sure enough the only thing in it that did't affect bloodflow was Rhodiola.

I look up Rhodiola and see its an adaptogen with many people reporting the effects I felt so I decided to order some of the NOW brand that had some good reviews. Well I've been taking it for 3 days now and still havent felt a single bit of what I felt in my workout supplement. I have more of the supplement so I will take that for now but because it has caffeine in it as well I really dont want to rely on that as my source. Perhaps the ingredients work synergistically but I really hope I can get that feeling with plain old Rhodiola because I felt completely cured of my anxiety the other day and it really gives me hope as a treatment.
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does anyone still use this? a friend recommended it to me.
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