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i took 3g all at once and it did nothing.

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I have been using GNC L - Theanine 200 mg. I havent used the whole bottle. I have noticed a difference. I have had less panic attacks. I also take magnesium. Generally you have to give these supplements a good 3 months to work. I like GNC products, plus easy returns.

Sick of anxiety, it blows!
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Sunthenineis great. It's actually similar to benzos form my experience. kinda like benzo lite. But much more relaxing.

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I figured out the right way to take this stuff, first I eat breakfast early in the morning, then about 2 hours later I get a coffee and I take 400mg of suntheanine and take it with my coffee. You get the mental alertness and energy from the caffeine but at the same time you feel calm and focused. This effect will last for about 5 hours, and when It starts to wear off I will get an iced tea and then take another 200mg and them I'm good for the rest of the day. I have become a lot more friendly and talkative since I have been using this, it really works.
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Theanine activator

Anyone taking L-Theanine should combine it with EGCg (Green Tea Extract). EGCg is a Dopamine inhibitor, which means it stops the breakdown of Dopamine before it reaches the brain. The brain is obviously where the alchemy takes place, so you want the Dopamine produced by L-Theanine to make the journey without being attacked by enzymes. Taking L-Theanine without EGCg is a waste of time and money for most.
Also try L-Tyrosine and EGCg, both readily available from online health stores.
As always take low dosage first and increase/decrease according to personal results.

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I'm going to try the Suntheanine L-Theanine. I really hope it works. Unfortunately I can't take caffeine with it though, caffeine makes me really really anxious.
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I've been trying Suntheanine. It sort of makes me feel more relaxed in my body but more nervous and jittery in my mind. I think my dopamine levels are too high. I read that L Theanine lowers serotonin but increases dopamine. I must have high levels of both. Going to throw it out.
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This stuff is great imo (particularly the uber version suntheanine), for those who want to try it out take a small dose of caffeine with it at the same time. (dark chocolate, coffee, energy drink)

This ensure that your body uptakes it efficiently.
(In it's natural form such as green tea it has a small dose of caffeine pre-packaged with it.)

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Originally Posted by SAS View Post
(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by jakeforpresident
Social Anxiety Background
disabilitating generalized SA

Other Treatments

Treatment Experience
L-Theanine is very mild and innocuous. It may help with rest and relaxation a little but not even as well as antihistamines do. Picamillon or Phenibut even seem to work better.

Are you able to suggest an antihistamines there are so many on the market, which one works best many thanks.

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Our psychiatrists prescribe benadryl at the psychiatric hospital as a PRN (as needed) medication...

It helps for mild anxiety, & insomnia.
I'm 140 lbs, & I've found taking more than 50-75 mgs gives me an undesirable effect. Gives me like an all over body restless legs syndrome effect.... it's awful.
But, If I take say, 50 mgs before bed, or before a stressful event, it can help me to stay calm.

Me, I actually take a cocktail everyday consisting of ashwaganha 900 mgs, suntheanine 400 mgs, 5-htp 100 mgs, & picamilon 150 mgs. Has definitely helped me to stay cool at work.
I only use benadryl when I run out of other things, in a pinch, or as an addition to melatonin, or flexiril before bed.
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Since giving up smoking ciggerettes and cannibis for for 2 months I am experimenting with different herbs and supplements to try and get myself sleeping better, less anxious, depressed and irritable.

I just bought some of this off ebay after reading positive comments about it. It's in powder form and says that the recommended dose is 200mg. I like to take recommended dose it's usually bad idea to go over it in past experiences.

I Will try with tea or green tea (although i am cutting down on caffeine right now, 1 a day is ok). I'll report back on what i encountered after taking it. I am not expecting much but hoping for a subtle effect.
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I took 200mg of L-theanine three times yesterday (I meant to take it only twice but then didn't go to bed as early as I thought I would and I mostly wanted it to help me sleep). I think I was able to sleep 3-4 hours twice, with the first block actually being at night (the second block was around 7-11am). It has been impossible for me to get to sleep at night for the past month. I've been getting mostly little 1-to-2-hourish-long chunks of sleep here and there in the morning and the middle of the day. I am guessing it took me somewhat over an hour after I went to bed to fall asleep. This isn't great, but it usually takes me 3-9 hours to fall asleep, and I noticed that I didn't get stressed out about not being able to sleep while I was waiting.

It's possible that my concentration was better than usual while I was awake.
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<<<Sorry, edited post because i want to get off this forum thanks, LONDN>>>
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L-Theanine definitely helps...It's not a miracle pill but t will make you less tense...I took 200mg right before I did a presentation and it worked great...And then I took it before work I had crazy anxiety so it all depends. But overall it has helped me be more relaxed in stressful situations...The combination of that and exercise has helped me....
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Yes, it works great for many people.
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$18+tax / 60 chewables.

I've tried them the last couple days. I take them with magnesium/vit.d/fish oil. Essentially part of my breakfast.

Whether it's placebo or not, I'm having a more or less happier day. When I went for my walk this morning, I didn't have all those negative thoughts going through my head like I usually do.
I'm going to give it a try in conjunction with putting serious effort into cognitive behavioral therapy.
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I'd have to say about 6 times out of 10 this stuff works great...Sometimes my anxiety is too much for it but all in all this is a great product that is GOOD for you as well...Give it a go!
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I use L-Theanine bulk powder, 200mg(1/4 tsp) dosage in crystal light drink every time before I go for a walk outside, and it works GREAT. It numbs my brain's emotional connection and things don't bother me at all. Like if someone honks at me, I don't even care and just shrugg it off.

It's not entirely overwhelming though and you need to keep your thoughts positive. If you get obsessed with a negative thought, the numbing effect will wear off.
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i use this to help me fall asleep
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I found L-Theanine to really help.

- Make sure you pick a good brand. (There may be some rip-off brands) (myprotein.com = rubbish)
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