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Originally Posted by guitarmatt View Post
I want to try kava again as I have a whole bag of the ground root, but since reading the accounts of people needing liver transplants after using it I've been to scared to use it again.
The jist of it is, and I wish I could find the article, but it's on a hawaii edu site somewhere...

Is that there was a rush in the late nineties and everyone rushed into production, and many vendors crushed up the leaves and stems with the roots, and that is what caused scientific analysis to turn up hepatoxic substances.

The roots on thier own, apparently have no ill effect.

That being said, another southern world drink called yerba mate is very popular, yet said to cause cancer, yet millions drink the stuff anyways.

It won't damage you in the short term, but yeah, anything in large amounts may have adverse effects.

Drink too much coffee, too many days/weeks/months in a row, and whoa, that withdrawl will leave you feeling as if you are depressed. Right?

So... everything in moderation, and stick with reputable vendors. The good powder will numb your lips.

I feel the effect the next-day too. I bit of a hangover feel.
I have heard some say the effects are both cumulative and tolerances build.

Meaning some claim it takes them less of the same amount to achieve the same effect, yet the effect loses intensity after repeated use. unsure... I save for rainy days...

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (works wonders with my anxiety)
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"Kava kava" does that mean useless placebo in Japanese?
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I tried Kava so many times and each time I get nothing.
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Kava kava is my life, without a doubt the best thing i have ever discovered.

I use the now foods brand from amazon.
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Originally Posted by MBL View Post
Hi !

I hear most pill forms of kava are crap.

But I hear the high quality extracts and "pastes" are very effective.

The mainstream pills are misleading in their description of contents (from sites I read), for example: only a fraction of the pills contains the claimed "30% kavaloctones".

I am soon obtaining some 84% kavalactones paste (dose size is 1 - 2 pea sized amounts). I will report back with my results. But be cautious when buying kava, not all of it is good. In fact many leading pill producing brands are no good at all.

I wish I read this earlier.
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bought some good quality kava from bula kava house ''borogu'' one, just arrived today gonna test it tonight.

Like phenibut you can better buy good quality powder from a good source then crap pills which are expensive and mostly doesn't have the same quality.

I will follow up on my experience
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I tested it today around 30min ago, damn nice stuff feels a bit like midly drunk calmness while at the same time alert, just well being...used a bit to much 3 big table spoons instead of 2 normal table spoons starting to feel a bit sloggyness but still on a functional level.

I dunno what some people are saying that it doesnt work, but this stuff is denifintly potent if you buy good quality powder, I love it
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Got my new kava Nambawan the strongest on the website, nice stuff this one really calms me down to almost sleepy..but sometimes I got a strange reaction to it makes me feel a bit depressed/empty maybe because I realise how much my problems cause me trouble and with this stuff I realise how I should be as a non-anxious person, which makes me kinda sad.

Update: Don't drink to much of it causes impairment in thinking & depressed mood like benzos, I advice max 3-4 table spoons in 0,5L and don't drink more then 250ml in 1 hour timeframe.
''depends on which strain you got, I got one of the strongest a real downer with small uplifting effects compared to other kava strains ( like it the most for reducing anxiety)
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Bought some of this, root powder, from globalkavaexports (decent vendor).

First night tried 2 tablespoons, extraction in water using muslin, filtered etc. Some effects similar to alcohol. Felt nausea a couple of hours after taking, woke up with mild hangover.

Last night, tried 4 tablespoons, same extraction method. Couple of hours later, extreme nausea. Had the worst hangover of my life today with depressed mood, irritability, nausea, fatigue.

Won't be touching the rest of this. My experience of the substance seems like a less effective alcohol with a worse hangover.

Decent as an appetite suppressant though, but probably just because it induces nausea.

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I just wanted to state that kava kava is a gaba agonist, therefore prolonged use causes gaba receptors to downregulate, furthermore abstinence of kava kava will lead to 'rebound' anxiety, same story with benzos...

To all my fellow social anxiety sufferers, there are better alternatives out there ! but these gaba agonists work for you, who am i to say something
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Originally Posted by plarp View Post
Kava kava is my life, without a doubt the best thing i have ever discovered.

I use the now foods brand from amazon.

Are u still using this? How do u take it? Thanks
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It looks like there's a thing to follow, so here goes:

Social Anxiety History
Severe social anxiety for around 10 years; difficulty speaking in public; managed through medication (clonazepam). Formerly managed through self-medication, unfortunately.

Experience with Kava
Used to use kava quite a bit back home. There was a kava house on the SE side of Portland that would sell it in larger (gallon?) quantities. That being said, kava has always been kinda hit or miss for me, depending on from where I'd get it. If I bought it from Bula Kava House, then it would be great - I'd feel fantastic, able to talk to folks and so on. I bought it from an online retailer through Amazon and had a pretty terrible experience with it. Due to my history with alcoholism and drugs, I try to keep myself from getting too involved with things.

That being said! I think kava-kava really requires you to find a specific type of mixture, and to keep in mind that there are, indeed, different strains of it that can affect the body & mind in different ways (similar to kratom). Some strains of kava-kava can make you more relaxed and talkative, similar to alcohol, others can make you more alert. From experience, the Fiji and Tongan tend to be better for mitigating anxiety. One thing to keep in mind when taking it is the effect it has on one's liver. When taken in large doses on the regular, it's been noted that kava-kava can cause liver damage. As with anything, make sure to be moderate. Kava, like kratom, clonazepam/benzos, lexapro, lamictal (for some people), etc., etc., etc., is not a wonder-drug. If it works for you, that's great, but please be safe. Also be sure to be careful not to drive while you've taken a lot of it - especially the Tongan blend - since it can inhibit your reaction time.

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Kava is a weird one. I've been drinking traditional "grog" (dried root squeezed through strainer bag) on and off since 2014-ish. But I've also tried the extracts, etc. It most definitely works, but the downsides far outweigh the pluses in my experience - at least for the traditional way of ingesting it.

Kava is good for overnight anxiety. If you're in bed dreading the next day it can help and also give you amazing sleep. The major downsides are an upset stomach and nausea. The stuff tastes absolutely horrible and the texture feels awful going down. It's honestly disgusting. Like I said, it works, but I'd find it almost impossible to do social stuff while on it because of the stomach issues. It's also very sedating. People talk about heady vs. body strains, but all of them are sedating to some degree in my experience.

There's also the issue of tudei kava, which from my understanding has potential to be bad for your liver, in contrast to noble which apparently is fine. There's even an acetone test people use to test whether their root is tudei, or is adulterated with tudei. See; http://kavaforums.com/forum/threads/...nic-test.2576/

Above ground parts are also bad, so that's another thing to look for and worry about. Alcohol based extracts are yet another issue of concern. Apparently alcohol based solvents can extract chemicals from the root that a water based extraction method wouldn't produce. So I would do research to see what you're getting. I personally wouldn't trust any of the pill forms, but that's just me. There are some good (or were) co2 based extracts from Paradise Kava, but they recently shut down. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava recently made a batch, but decided he didn't want to go down that route and stick to the traditional way of preparation. I did hear that Bula Kava House might be making some, so I'm waiting to check those out. Kalm with Kava has some "drinks" that do away with the taste, but aren't strong enough for me. They also have a concentrate which is stronger. I actually have some coming in the mail. It's been over a year since I've tried it, so I'm anxious to test it on my SA.

But yeah, there's also the issue of dry skin from prolonged use. It sucks. Co2 based extracts are probably the best way to treat SA with kava. Traditional prep helps, but is too sedating and causes too many stomach problems (and tastes horrible lol).
Oh, and kava in general tends to be pretty expensive, or at least it is for me. So long term it may not be all that viable as a way of treating SA. Definitely worth looking into though, if you haven't tried it. Just do your research. Kavaforums has tons of good info on the root.
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I have tried Kava/Kratom a few times and I always seem to get nauseous from it. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by sarahndipiity View Post
I have tried Kava/Kratom a few times and I always seem to get nauseous from it. Any suggestions?
Did you do traditional prep?
Some people use ginger beer/ginger ale/anything ginger and claim that it helps. Doesn't really help me.
Doubling up on strainers is another method, but I would think that would weaken effects. I haven't tried it for that reason. I don't think there really is a way to avoid stomach issues/nausea with traditional prep because of the consistency of the root fibers and taste.

Extracts are probably the only way to avoid it but like I said in my previous post, I wouldn't trust alcohol/ethanol based extracts. See this post How long does Kava take to Extract ?

I did try out Kalm with Kava's concentrate again, but it didn't really do all that much other than a little sedation.
That might just be me though. I don't know. No nausea though, at least.
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I have experimented with kava for quite a few years now because it has been working for social anxiety. But it really depends where you are buying your kava from and whether it is high quality. High quality kavas wont cause nausea and will be very effective against anxiety but you need to know how to prep them. I usually strain the kava using silk material cloth so that i get a smooth and silky beverage. But im sure you must be following preparation instructions. I would recommend to look for Kava Time brand kava as thats my current source and i havent experienced any issues with them so far. Do not buy kona kava farm or kava dot com kavas
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