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Inositol (myo-inositol)

Some preliminary results of studies on inositol supplements show promising results for people suffering from problems such as bulimia, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and unipolar and bipolar depression.

More Info:
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Young male

(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by alive
Social Anxiety Background
Avoided any meetings with people since I was twelve years old..I am now a proud loner..

Other Treatments
running, kava, b vitamins,theanine,taurine,gaba, tryptophan,vegan diet, avoidance..

Treatment Experience
I have found that the large amount of inositol needed to produce any kind of effect was huge and not cost effective.. I also noticed that I became highly agitated prior to the inositol getting into my blood.. I would not use this because of the two problems I described, however once the inositol gets into the blood it really gives a feeling of peace and tranquility....
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interesting... I tried this too, bought it more than once. (I was working at a Vitamin Shoppe) it is quite expensive and you are supposed to take very large quantities so yeah.. I think maybe it had a similar effect on me, but not so large of one I kept it up.
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I get no noticable effect.

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This stuff gives me goose asss bad. Dont matter if I take it with food. I siht like a goose all day.. idk about SA but it helps constipation fo sure.
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I've had amazing results with inositol for physical symptoms of anxiety Ie. rapid heart beat..shortness of breath..McSwiggens~from what i understand, those with the issue you have presented, do well with slowly increasing the amount taken over the course of a week or two. If you ever feel so inclined to try again..

For mental symptoms of anxiety, i use the phos. choline..helps in a big way with intrusive thoughts..ocd..

..for what it's worth..i'm 'on' both of these sups right now (took them with my lunch an hour ago)..i might not be able to post like i am now if i didn't take the stuff today..i posted a newbie hello earlier today before i took my supplements and i was very uncomfortable. It's kind of unbelievable i know, but it works so well for some folks, like me. I'm SO grateful for these sups. I feel more detached now, very helpful indeed.

take care
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that's cool, thanks for sharing DEEP

man inositol was pretty tasty tho loll

feel free to message me if you'd like me to share what helpful things I've learned with you
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I wish I could keep taking this but it makes me go to the bathroom ALLLL THE TIMEEE. Even a slight pinch of powder. Now im mad because I have the brand Swanson and have like 2 nice jars of this stuff sitting there.

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I have used Inositol (not myo-inositol) and it helped pretty well. You just need to have big powder of it, small amounts don't to nothing. I think I will start to use it again. It is nothing perfect but took 20-30% of my anxiety.
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Had to take at least 12-18g in one hit and this stuff did wonders for my anxiety. Not a full cure but really took the edge off.
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what is a good brand of gaba and kava

what is a good brand of gaba and kava
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I was wondering, have any of my fellow OCD'ers noticed any improvements?
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I've started taking this recently and so far I really like what I'm experiencing. I've only been taking it for about a week, so I'm only using small dosages (~ 4 grams) and slowly building up to the 12-18 grams that's advised. I didn't really notice much the first few days, but the last couple days the effects on my SA/depression have been undeniable. They are subtle, yet completely evident. It certainly has not eliminated my anxiety, but I've noticed that the anxiety is nowhere near as severe as I would expect.

For example, today my friend contacted me to go to a festival that I didn't even really want to attend. Normally, as soon as I saw his text, I would have either made up some excuse not to go or waited some time to respond... however, today it just did not feel like nearly as big of deal as I'd normally make it out to be. I didn't even really think about it and just went! There were loads of people there but I felt more relaxed than I normally would the whole time I was there!!

I'm interested to see how this stuff works as I get up to the higher doses. Right now, shortly after I take it, it gives me somewhat of a "spaced out" feeling but not enough of one to make me non-functional. It's just as if I'm not spending as much time thinking about things, but rather actively doing things. That's a big change for me lol.

PS: I guess I should also point out that I'm taking 500 mg of L-tryptophan before bed so that may be enhancing the effects to some extent.
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yeah I've written about this elsewhere on this forum, but basically you need to buy in bulk - there are many online distributers who will sell this by the 1kg container - around about $100 last time I ordered, but could be cheaper.

You need to take upwards of 12g/day for GAD/depression and 18g/day for OCD. Taking a teaspoon of a similar small quantity is not going to do much, but in high enough doses it is a great anxiolytic.

I took it everyday for around 3 years but found that gastro-intestinal problems became worse over time (gas, constipation etc.) So I have switched to SJW, but will perhaps change back to it after a break of 6 months or so.

hope this helps
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you better try something else.....
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I was thinking of trying this one day but could never find it.

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I just started taking this after hearing it's good for anxiety along with cholesterol and hair loss (2 other things I 'suffer' from). I found a pharmaceutical grade in a health food store which is pure inositol with no alterants. I haven't noticed any considerable difference but it may be working on a more subtle level. I take many other supplements like fish oil, saw palmetto, valerian, multi-v, vit b, magnesium, etc.

I'm taking one teaspoon several times a day, am I supposed to be taking one large hit or spacing it out like this?
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I just started taking this a week ago. So far the best thing about it is the taste. It's mildly sweet. I ordered from Liftmode, a reputable company, and have been taking more than the suggested serving. I find that if I take more than 4 grams at once I get a slight headache. I've read that taking 8+ grams can help with anxiety and depression, so I'm going to try and work my way up to that dosage. I've also read that it takes a few weeks of taking it regularly to see solid results, so I'll probably need to update this later.
So far I notice a slight boost of energy after taking it, but that could be placebo.
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Inositol seems to make everything flow easier. Being positive around others. During the first few days there was some stomach discomfort. Nothing too bad if kept at or below 3g at a time a few times.

Swished around a while in some milk makes it delicious.

I noticed a positive effect the first time at 3g.
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I went up to maybe 8g and didnt notice much. Decided it was too expensive to take more than that.

I forgot that it seemed to clear up my skin really well though...not acne, just some redness that I thought might be some type of skin condition

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