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Originally Posted by chamomileteazone View Post
I also read that if you have an allergy to ragweed not to consume it.

I drink it when I need to do something that makes me real nervous. It works good to calm me down. But I only use it when I really need to. Don't want my body become accustom to it lowering its effect.

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I've taken Chamomille capsules and it really does nothing for my anxiety.
However, if you get a nervous stomach or anything, or just upset stomach in general, this works wonders.
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Oh my goodness, I am OBSESSED with camomile tea. I drink gallons of it every day (ok, I can drink up to seven cups a day for sure). I think the shareholders of Twinings and these companies have treated themselves to new yachts and flashy Caribbean holidays thanks to me and my camomile consumption..

I can (I don't like writing this, but it's important) be awful in the mornings (not only disgustingly cranky but I can be incredibly anxious and emotional) and camomile definitely takes the edge/s off for me.

I must say that I would stand up in COURT to defend camomile tea, etc..
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I find it can take the edge off anxiety, at the moment i'm in love with chamomile & spearmint mix from twinings! Also really good for an upset stomach.

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Tea vs Capsules anyone?

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Drinking chamomile tea has become a daily routine for me. Doesn't really have very extreme effects, but it does, as someone else put it, take the edge off the anxiety. Been a few times where I've been in an awful state and it made things somewhat bearable, allowed me to regain my grasp on reality.

Helps me get to sleep as well.
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Hmm don't think I've ever considered it. Can't see the harm in trying it maybe to calm my nerves, even if it's just a little bit. Even if it does nothing, it still tastes amazing haha
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I use it when im having a panic attack (tea). I get very burpy, maybe the gas is contributing to the panic attack. I feel it does help but im not sure. I get 1-2 panic attacks a week.
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I find this helpful sometimes.
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It is in the Sleepytime tea that I drink occassionally. I find it pretty crappy for sleep but it is really great at relaxing and calming me down if I am stressed. Definitely reccommend it for that. It can bother my IBS a bit but nothing too bad.

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It did get rid of my anxiety for a few hours the first time I tried it. After that, I drove to Sprouts and bought a box of chamomile tea for myself.
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I drink Chamomile during my cold/flu seasons, with some honey, takes care of my itchy throat and cough. If only I could replace this with my daily coffee, I might see some change in my SA.
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I love Chamomile, it works really well, especially when taken in pill form. I used to drink two cups of it in the evenings and it helped a lot, but I wanted it in a higher dose. I found a blog post that reviews the three best natural anxiety remedies, and the guy who wrote it mentioned Chamomile Comfort. This stuff relaxes me like nothing I've ever tried outside of a benzo.
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Now a days, I drink one tea per 2 coffees or 2 teas per 1 coffee. Seems to be working against SA for sure, and also makes me calm and really cleans up my system. It seems like the coffee is some kind of a poison, but the tea is so natural and pure almost like an elixir. I also enjoy peppermint tea, oh yeahhhh .
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Damn. I keep not seeing these old thread warnings, and it doesn't save my post when I hit backspace. Yet another post to write all over again. Doh.

Chamomile is really nice. I started drinking it recently. I like 2 tablespoons per cup, although I use it through this big infuser and the Chamomile kinda clogs it up so I suspect water isn't actually getting to all of it and so it's actually less than 2 tablespoons worth. I let the first cup steep for 15-20 minutes, but then I just leave the infuser sitting there with another cup or two worth of water, and so by the time I've drank the last cup, that one's sometimes been sitting there for an hour and a half. I've never found it to be too strong/bitter though - again I think this has to do with the infuser only letting water get to some of it, because another time I made a strong cup without the infuser just by putting it in a glass and then using a strainer, and when I made it strong the water was almost black, and tasted like chemicals it was so bitter (although that time I used 5 tablespoons, so that might be why).

Anyway as for the effects, you feel a nice pleasant relaxation. If I haven't drank any in the past 5-6 days, then when I drink 1-2 cups, I get a nice mood lift, almost like a mild anti-depressant effect. It feels like a very mild GABAergic.

After that first day of drinking it though, I don't really get that mood lift, just the relaxation/sedation. It makes sleep a lot easier, and helps me wind down after a long day. It's especially useful for days in which I've consumed a lot of caffeine, as ordinarily I wouldn't be able to sleep if there was even a hint of caffeine left in my system, but with Chamomile it seems I'm able to do that.

As for anxiety, maybe a small reduction, but nothing much - Ashwagandha is definitely a lot better in the anxiolysis department.

I like the taste of Chamomile better than regular tea, so it's my go to form of tea currently, and usually at least at the weekends I'll have a couple of cups before bed.
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Gotta say I support this message ! Chamamille 100%
I tend to drink 2 teabags per breakfast AND supper.
It takes the edge off.

There was another drink I discovered called Pru. The LatinAmerican countries make it...but its apparently a secret formula. Every vender has his own special blend.
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Wow, there was a time that Helena_SAS started threads with little tips?!?!?!?!
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