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I drink too much Coke Zero. I have coffees every now and than. I do drink a lot of water but I drink far too muck Coke Zero. I'm addicted to it thanks to Coca Cola lol.

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Originally Posted by Revenwyn View Post
Caffeine helps me concentrate and actually decreases my social anxiety in a high enough dose. I become a super extrovert on it.
I find it lowers my anxiety, too. Not enough to get me to go out and do something, but it reduces tension in my chest.
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I've been having too much just to keep up with work hours. Today I had chest pains and decided maybe I should cut down on my usage.
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Originally Posted by philosophy View Post
Does anyone else ever get the rare comedown from caffeine, that is just absolutely horrid?
Yep. When I was quitting caffeine, I had awful headaches every day and was super tired. But when I was still drinking caffeine, it would mess up my blood pressure. Mine is low, so I would temporarily boost it. Later, it would suddenly plunge back down again, giving me a feeling that I was going to faint for the rest of the day.
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I try to avoid caffeine except for when my life depends on it like when I am driving and feel sleepy. I keep a bottle of NoDoz in my car for emergencies.
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Guys why don't you cut caffeine out of your diet if you know it aggravates anxiety most of the time. lol

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The caffeine I drink counteracts the Paxil.

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Caffeine doesn't help my anxiety. I also sweat excessively and it just makes it worse than it already is.
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Just switched to tea. Not as much caffeine as coffee but it wakes me up enough without making me anxious. I think I'm gonna stick with it.
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Caffiene is bad for me. I love it and I've used it and abused it for a long time. In the last year i had to start taking Luvox for depression and anxiety and it keeps your body from metabolizing caffiene so 1 cup of coffee is like 6 cups. I used to get a really nice buzz and happy pick me up from caffiene but now I dont get that at all. I still drink a cup a day, down from 6-12 cups a day but I've realized I dont really need it. Excersize helps my mood and helps to make me alert and awake much better that coffee. And since i dont get the happy buzz anymore theres really no need to take it. so sad... caffiene has alot of purported good qualities, like fighting alzheimers.
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Works for depression, just a nice mood lift. Not the best choice if you have a lot of anxiety.

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my friend gave me a caffeine pill once i heard one pill has the amount of caffeine that 12 shots of espresso has. i just remember feeling really awake and alive..not incoherent like alcohol...but i think its too strong so i turn to coffee

i love my coffee makes me feel really happy and makes things seem less morbid and dark in my life. i know its bad for me in the long run but its good for me now....and it might not make life actually less dark and morbid but im content with the illusion <3
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Ive always associated caffeine with anxiety so avoided it but lately I've began drinking it as it seems to give me that energy, concentration or extra little kick up the bum to do something like house work or even get out the house otherwise I'm just unmotivated to do anything...

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Overdosed on caffeine one day by error. Made me very very talkative, I had to talk and say things. But side effects were horrible, tremor, headache, insomnia, anxiety.
Sadly normal caffeine doses (about 200mg) doesn't make me anything.
I wish there was a drug with similar pro-talkative effects but without such side effects.
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why would caffeine be good for anxiety?
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I quit caffeine in January and it helped a bit. I used to drink several cups of coffee and diet sodas throughout the day. The first week of quitting it was difficult but after the initial quitting phase it was easy.

The most difficult bit was the habbit of always having the coffee/soda. I guess it would be similar to quitting smoking (except it's not as addictive). You get used to the act and miss it more than the caffeine.
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I'd only get half the training I do without caffeine, it does make my anixiey a lot worse, but I train super hard and the endorphins seem to cancel out the edgy/anxiety provoking aspects ... otherwise I just pop another Xanax - shame shame heh.
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I love caffeine. I know it's supposed to raise the blood pressure, but I don't care. The benefits it gives me are so great (motivation, the ability to function in society and actually be outside) that I'd rather risk it. It makes me agitated and aggressive sometimes, but that is much, much better than being depressed and passive all of the time.
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Originally Posted by the cheat View Post
I am so desperate to give up caffeine...I am a serious addict. I'm so happy Diet Coke/Coke Zero was invented because if I had to drink regular stuff, I'd be dead. I don't remember not always having caffeine in me lol. I am curious to find out what I feel like without it though...I really need to try and stop drinking this stuff.
both of them arent good , your better off with imported coke , Mexican Coke is better for you then American. It has real sugar in it. Dont drink aspartame , because diet coke is a hoax
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Coffee contribute's too enlarge prostate! hell it might even be the cause of impotences and prostate cancer caffine can increase cortisol and testosterone abit so that mean dht can go up make the prostate grow also it pretty close too uric acid and imflammation acid pee maybe low doses of caffine pill's are safer i like the get up and go effect but it sound too risky but yet so addictive lol.

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