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Anyone know where to buy decent CBD oil in europe?

I bought some online that was supposedly high CBD, it certainly smelt and tasted like weed but it didn't have any effect good or bad.
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I have tried it. The effect is much more subtle than smoking cannabis. There are different brands out there, I just tried one bottle and decided it wasn't worth the cost.

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It always works better if you know how exactly the CBD oil will work once you start using it.

CBD or Cannabidiol is probably the second most actively found cannabinoid in marijuana. When you consume CBD in any form, it will interact via the Endocannabinoid system, also known commonly as the ECS. The ECS is paramount as it performs involuntary functions like regulating body's hematosis, general state of balance, imparting functions like mood, appetite, sleep, hormone regulation, pain and immune response. Surprisingly these are also the main ailments which are being treated successfully with CBD oils.

At this point you also might question the presence of cannabinoids in our system? Well the good news out here is that our body naturally produces cannabinoids; namely Anandamide and 2-AG. So yes, our body definitely needs them in moderation.

CBD oil is usually extracted from the stems and leaves of the marijuana plants; because these are high in CBD content and low in THC content. CBD being completely non-psychotropic in nature will not give you any Euphoric high.

You can consume it directly in the form of capsules, tinctures or even chewing gum these days. Another good option is topicals. High concentrated CBD is infused directly in to skin and body products like moisturising cream, bath bombs, soaps etc.

You should always use marijuana related products responsibly. This would also mean procuring your physicians recommendation and prescription before hand. Online websites like onlinemedicalcard.com have easy step processes that will get you your card with the day. You can easily then locate online dispensaries or storefronts that can provide you with a large array of CBD infused products.
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I live in NY, I don't think it's legal to smoke CBD here, but I would love to try it, I guess I would be sticking with the CBD Gummies.
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I'm a medicinal mj user and I've tried cbd oil, and high cbd content strains(in herb form) and use it everyday. I have no complaints about cbd oil except that it's potency is relatively low and it is expensive($120 CAD for 6 grams equiv vs $40 for 5 grams of herb). My main issue was I never liked smoking cannabis so I started with the oil and its great for accurate dosing but because of the price I ended up buying a expensive vaporizer and now use herb and enjoy it much more than smoking via pipe etc.

So anyway your methods to use cbd oil are basically - put under tongue and hold for a minute, this takes effect in 15-30 mins and lasts up to 4 hours, or swallow the oil and it will last 8 hours but take 2 hours to take effect. Smoking or vaporizing takes effect almost immediately but only lasts 1-2 hours. It's also possible to do your own extract for edibles or oil, there is a contraption for that(magic butter or something is the name).

As for the actual benefits from cbd for someone with anxiety, for me I've never had such complete relief after 3-4 years of trying all sorts of medication. Closest thing I can compare it to is ativan but without making you high when you need serious relief. Cbd won't make you high and really relaxes you, I use it throughout the entire day and thc at night for sleep. No problems writing math/chem/physics tests/exams so far, never felt impaired once.

Just a few notes or things to be aware of:
If you are high from thc, cbd can actually counteract that to an extent at least.
CBD is most effective with a small amount of thc content to help activate it.
CBD and THC might interact with certain medications, for example I would get panic attacks from basically any amount of THC when I was on SSRI's.
And buy from a reputable source, cbd oil - is not hemp oil, hemp oil may have trace amounts of thc or cbd but it isn't enough for any sort of medicinal use.

Hope that helps.
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Here is a good piece of info about CBD with a video by CW Hemp:

CBD acts in some experimental models as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent. For this reason it is a potential medicine for the treatment of epilepsy, vomiting and nausea neuroinflammation, oxidative injury, anxiety and schizophrenia, respectively. CBD's neuroprotective potential, based on the combination of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is of particular interest and a lot of preclinical research in numerous neurodegenerative disorders is being carried out currently.

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I have been smoking for more than 6 years and with it you will feel more relaxed. i personally recommend to try CBD oil because it contains natural ingredients and it's best for anxiety.
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It sounds quite promising, but I have to wonder. Cannabis has mostly caused me anxiety in the past few years rather than relieving it. Of course, in those instances I was smoking whatever I could get from a dealer, which was usually very strong stuff and not at all what anybody would be looking for for a tame, anxiolytic high. I have heard good anecdotal reports on CBD and I am interested in trying it, but remain skeptical. For one, a decent amount locally I have found is quite expensive, i.e. around $50 for a dose that would last five days in the form of oil. Two, not very well controlled around here at least, the extracts and strains you are getting are not well tested and vetted. Three, I find that pro-cannabis people have this habit of announcing the drug and it's constituents as some sort of panacea, exaggerating things and often outright lying or being dishonest. Maybe I'm a bit disillusioned after being around that sort of thing for years.

Still going to give it a go though. I actually went on a good trip to get some the other day. See, we have all these dispensary's these days and most don't even require an actual medical card, just a note from a doctor and some nothing at all. I went on a long walk through the downtown eastside and all the bums and crime and found the one I was looking for, an hour or two later, and what do you know, cash only. Fer ****s sake.

I guess that added nothing to the discussion and didn't answer the question. I might have fried my brain back in the day.
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I've tried dabbing crystalline CBD and it definitely takes away most of the anxiety a strong weed strain gives you. My friend had a good point about it taking off the "headband" from being stoned lol.

I've also given a cbd drink sample I received from a shop in cali to a friend who got too high and she said it sobered her up in a few minutes.

CBD by itself also seems to be helpful to make you a lil more relaxed. Subjectively it seems to help with things like add/adhd, anxiety, stress, pain and just overall well being. Im a big fan of it and hope it gets more mainstream so theres more products to choose from.
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High quality CBD hemp oil

We are from New Zealand, our child has focal aware seizure (with myoclonus movements). We have tried from low percentage to very high percentage CBD without any results. We have also tried various products such as the 5000 Charlotte's Web Everyday Advanced, the Pytho Plus 3%, and Endoca 3% among others with no real result, however it was the Naturalwonoil 3% that had the best effect and it was the first CBD we tried. Unfortunately we were unable to continue the purchase, nonetheless, we have just resumed the purchase and we are anxious to see the great results again. As I said before the 3% Naturalwonoil worked best for our little boy, highly recommend it.
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Originally Posted by Cannabislove View Post
I've tried dabbing crystalline CBD and it definitely takes away most of the anxiety a strong weed strain gives you. My friend had a good point about it taking off the "headband" from being stoned lol.

I've also given a cbd drink sample I received from a shop in cali to a friend who got too high and she said it sobered her up in a few minutes.

CBD by itself also seems to be helpful to make you a lil more relaxed. Subjectively it seems to help with things like add/adhd, anxiety, stress, pain and just overall well being. Im a big fan of it and hope it gets more mainstream so theres more products to choose from.
CBD actually blocks the effects of THC.

The high from cannabis is primarily from THC activating the CB1 receptor. In cells, CBD is able to block THC activation of the CB1 receptor. It logically follows then that CBD should block the psychoactive effects of THC (although also therapeutic effects of THC mediated by the CB1 receptor, such as the analgesic and anti-nausea effects).

I've been thinking of making CBD and maybe selling it because I have access to a giant crop of hemp that grows naturally.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
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Originally Posted by Aly View Post
I've read online that it works wonders. I'm sick of taking medication and feeling out of it all of the time. CBD is a pure ingredient that is in cannabis. it doesn't contain any THC. it can come in a bottled oil that can be put into a e-cig or vape and can be smoked. has anyone ever tried this ?
Hi, it's really expensive to buy a decent product and it doesn't last long for the anxiety type dose you need.
Didn't work for me but nothing does lol.....I ended up buying my own buds and making coconut oil and oil. It was a greeny brown and looked awesome, unfortunately though it still did nothing for me. If you have lots of money you can buy that thick black goo stuff, that is supposed to be very effective.

Here's one I made earlier...

Phenelzine 60 MG daily - Clonazepam 1 MG daily - Zapain 60 MG daily - Gabapentin 900 MG daily
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Do you worry about getting a job that requires passing drug tests?

There is tolerance with CBD so you'll have to continue taking more as time goes on.

Not a great solution imo.
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It works

Yes, it actually works. Have read rave reviews on how CBD oil helped where normal drugs couldn't. People who use this regularly can also attest to the fact that the results speak much.

You can see more reviews here >> cbdexplorer.com
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i love cbd. i like to take a dab in the morning for pains or anxiety. i dont smoke anymore because im not a fan of inhaling burned plant matter but dabbing the concentrate is awesome.

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I want to try but there's a flood in the market and effectiveness is varied from brand to brand (from what I read) and that's why I haven't tried it yet. When I was driving behind a car, they had an ad for pet cbd oil, which got me thinking if humans would equally benefit from the pet one.
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CBD didn't work for me

I live in CA, where Medical Marijuana is legal.

I first took CBD hemp oil, and had a CBD vape pen, but it didn't work that well for me, so my doctor told me to get a medical marijuana card.

I then took some CBD/THC chews, but they didn't work at all for me. The only thing that worked was a pot brownie, but I took waaaay too much and was high for about 30 hours. After that, I got turned off weed, since I didn't want to go into work high (and I can't take it to university).

If you live in the US, get it from hemp. It's federally legal (at least according to my doctors), and so you can take it across state lines.

Since Marijuana is still a class whatever drug, and federally illegal, there's not much research on it. Additionally, you can't take it over state lines.

Additionally, each strain of weed might work differently on you, even if they have the same percentage of THC or CBD, just because they have different amounts of other compounds. Nobody really knows why.

If you do choose weed, your "budtender" at a dispensary will be able to guide you towards what works best for you. Unfortunately, you're at the mercy of what's in stock there, and it pricey.

However, you will notice CBD/THC oil is cheaper than pure CBD oil. My budtender pointed that out to me, and its because the extra step of purification to make weed CBD oil.

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i got some for my mom and it helps her sleep at night. She doesn't have social anxiety but rather has general anxiety related to various things. Ive used cannabis to help with my symptoms over the years and it does wonders but you have to find what works for you and it can take a little time to find the right THC/CBD balance.
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The volume of CBD "1 oml CBD oil, 30mg by volume" means that it contains 30mg of CBD in 1ml of total oil or whatever the liquid is. And talking about the price of CBD bottle, No doubt it is little bit costly but its health benefits saves our hundreds or thousand of dollars. Which is very good for health as well as money. And there are somanygreat brands you can buy CBD products from.

Here you can find all the details about CBD on Green Roads Wholesale's website (Unfortunatly, I can't put the link).
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I think CBD Oil can not be directly poured into the vape. Because its simply be taken in the mouth under the toungue. If you are looking for CBD for vaping, you should search the specific product that works as e-juice. And I like that you are switching to CBD from the smoking.
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