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Originally Posted by 7th.Streeter View Post
After it killed MJ hell no..

but on a side note, your. Beautiful. :-)
No! MJ overdosed on Propofol which is an anesthetic.
Propanolol lowers your heart beat so it prevents a sudden panic attack. If you take is make sure you keep you stay on top of monitoring your bp. 5mg does the trick keeping calm during social events
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Originally Posted by Heather87 View Post
my psychiatrist prescribed me this on 10 mg but i feel it makes my SA worse.

From what I've read, it's supposed to only make your anxious symptoms stop temporarily. Like your shaky hands/voice, beating heart, etc. You'll still feel nervous inside your head, it's just that this anxiety wont be conveyed to the rest of your body. Also, I've read that it mostly helps people in 20mg doses.

Hope I helped.
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I found it really helpful though that may have been the placebo effect of me thinking it was going to be great. I took it about 2 years, points of which I would take 2 40mg (I think) tablets a day and it really helped me cope with going about my daily life. I've since had CBT, finished that a couple of weeks ago and have only used propranolol once in the past month HOORAY! But yeah until you get counselling and stuff going I'd definitely recommend propranolol at a higher dose.
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I found it helpful in interrupting the cycle between mental and physical anxiety at times, sometimes of which we aren't aware. Also I find some drugs (like ritalin and adderal) are helpful to some of my symptoms but create agitation and the propranolol helps with that too.

Best of all, in low doses there are virtually no side effects IMHO
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I have taken three different beta blockers for high blood pressure over the last 12 years. They all lower BP and pulse rate quite well, though I have never notice any SA benefit. Though the ones I've taken are much more cardio specific than propranolol, plus I largely lack the "stage fright" physical manifestations of anxiety. For example, I don't think I even can blush.

Though if your SA makes it feel like your heart is about ready to jump out of your chest, a beta blocker would likely help with that. The reason I use beta blockers is because other BP drugs like ACE inhibitors will lower my BP just as effectively, but they leave me with a resting heart rate of 100. Beta blockers notably reduce pulse in addition to lowering blood pressure.

One of the negatives of beta blockers is that many doctors simply prescribe them because they're are a wuss who's too afraid to prescribe a benzo (even when a beta blocker + a benzo may be the optimal choice).
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Originally Posted by porkpiehat View Post
Best of all, in low doses there are virtually no side effects IMHO
I personally haven't found any side effects with any beta blocker, though YMMV. And my dose is relatively high.
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I find it works pretty well for me, but it does tend to be very subtle in terms of effects when there is no anxiety present. You'll only notice the effects when you're in an anxiety provoking situation.

10mg is too low. I'd recommend 20mg.
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I'm glad I don't take synthetic meds.
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